White Brilliance collection review

One of the hottest skincare topics that are trending right now is the Korean skincare regimen.  It is about taking a multi-step approach, sometimes upwards of 10+ steps in a routine and using targeted skincare products instead of multipurpose products. It all boils down to cleansing, exfoliating, treating, intensely moisturizing and applying plenty of SPF during the day.


Koreans view the care of skin as something to savor and enjoy and don’t have a ‘sense of urgency’ to hurry and finish quickly. Instead they prefer to stretch out the skin care process and enjoy every step.


Part of the White Brilliance collection is the Luminous Essence. An essence formula is highly concentrated with active ingredients, with textures ranging from a water-like lotion to a gel to a more serum-like texture. Essences penetrate deep into the skin to help prepare it for the next step.

Professional Makeup artist, Elodie Rivet will share her experience after using the brand new collection from Murad, White Brilliance.

On trying to follow the Korean beauty routine…

Koreans are known for their beautiful glowing skin and extended beauty routine, unlike us that sometimes believe in a minimalistic approach or a fast approach to get it done. They understand the importance of caring for their complexion and will invest time and money to achieve this. Layering is a huge part of it, but it can be confusing. Layering doesn’t mean that we should be using ten products twice a day. I see it more as using the correct products for your skins needs. Our skin changes and ages with each season and that’s why it is important to understand your skin and which concerns you need to address. Knowing this before you start your routine will make all the difference. I take extra time to observe and ask questions  to my client before I choose what products I should use. Layering is very important and I can use up to 2 different day creams or a serum to address a skin concern.

On how to apply the White Brilliance products…

The White Brilliance line has four easy steps that can be incorporated into your daily skin care routine. Remove all make-up with an oil followed by the Cleansing Cream. This creamy and luxurious cleanser will offer a deep cleanse and the aromas will help you to relax and enjoy the moment, just like in a spa. Apply the Luminous Essence right after on dry skin. It is similar to a serum, but the texture is lighter and it will instantly hydrate your skin. Apply the Porcelain Serum after the essence to enhance the results and brighten your skin to give it a healthy glow. Finally, the last step is the Luminous Shield SPF 50. I love the packaging and think that the tube with a pump is genius. The texture is light and you can apply your make-up right away without having to wait for the cream to fully penetrate into the skin, a time saver.

On how and when do you apply the essence?

When you are doing a photo shoot, you really want your model to have plump, hydrated skin without any dry patches or a dull complexion. Applying the essence before the serum and the moisturizer accomplished this. The product is so light that it is instantly absorbed.

On what is your favourite White Brilliance product to use…

This is a tough question to answer because all the products work in synergy but if I had to choose one, I would select the White Brilliance Luminous SPF 50 as my favorite. It is the first time that I used a SPF50 with such a light formula. When we do a photo shoot and I use a moisturizer with a SPF, it can create a white residue on the photos but this moisturizer didn’t. The photographer was very impressed with this and I can be assured that my model is well protected from the sun during the shoot. The Luminous SPF 50 is a must-have in my opinion.


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