Travel Skincare Routine

For those who follow me on Snapchat or Instagram know that I am a huge advocate for skin care, and that I personally adopt the ten step Korean skin routine on a daily level. However when I travel I find it a pain to carry around five to eight different bottles, which is why after Murad sent me these products to try out I knew this routine would be perfect for travel. I am currently using this as I am visiting Toronto and New York, but I’ve also been testing this out for the past month and can’t wait to share my findings with you guys!

Review by Charmyn from Ko-morebi

I typically have a day and night cleanser, however when I want to travel light I like to use the Murad Daily Cleansing Foam since its mild in nature and balances out my Ph levels while reducing the level of oil on my face. My skin type is combination sensitive, so I like to use this since it doesn’t strip the skin harshly of its essential oils, and instead fresh and ready for makeup or moisturizer depending on my schedule.

I know, eye cream before your daily moisturizer?
I too was hesitant at first when I saw that eye cream was a step two product, but after testing the Renewing Eye Cream for a month I can say that more product is absorbed into my under eye circles.
The skin concerns for my under eyes consist of dark circles and a lack of collagen.
University can be taxing on the face, especially with the lack of sleep and a terrible diet, and in an attempt to counter this problem I’ve been scouring for an eye cream that reduces my under eye indentation and dark circles.
After testing this for a month I’ve felt that my dark circles are not as detrimental as before, and that my under eyes are not as drastically indented as before.
Out of all the products I was sent, I found the eye cream to show the most results since my eye bags are the biggest concern out of my skin care regime.

Since it’s winter my skin is a lot more dry, and I would want a more rich and dense daily moisturizer to prevent my skin from peeling. Especially around my nose, I find that area to be the most dry. Surprisingly this moisturizer is the perfect combination of hydration and comfort since other creams I’ve tried make my skin incredibly oily and sticky that eventually cause breakouts on my forehead. However, for the Skin Protecting Lotion it initially feels rich when you squeeze it out of the tube, but once absorbed into the skin it transforms into a light layer that protects the skin throughout the day.
With or without makeup I find this to provide the right amount of moisture without letting me get too oily throughout the day.
Till next time lovelies!

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