3 Golden skincare and make-up rules

No matter what skin care products you’re using, they have to work in conjunction with your makeup routine in order for you to have healthy, beautiful skin. While (most!) men are free from the worries of makeup, almost all women regardless of age have to consider the effects of makeup when crafting their best skincare regimen. However, there are three simple rules that, if followed, will mean that your makeup doesn’t have to mean that your skin looks any less healthy when the makeup comes off!

1: Pay Attention to Ingredients in Your Makeup!

Just a quick search on the internet can reveal so much about the frightening ingredients that go into makeup that you’ll never want to wear it again! However, there are plenty of quality makeup lines out there that tone down the use of harsh chemicals and increase the use of botanical and natural ingredients. Focus on those ingredients – not only are they healthier for your skin, but they are also healthier for the planet.

2: Use a Makeup Primer

No matter how well formulated a foundation is, it’s still formulated to be primarily a makeup foundation and not a skin care treatment. Make sure that you are using a moisturizer, preferably an oil-free one if you are also using acne treatment products like Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 | PA++, or a skin care primer and pore minimizer beneath your makeup. If you are battling the signs of aging, you may want to consider an anti aging serum as a primer and we recommend the new and improved Intensive Age Diffusing Serum. And of course, whether it’s in your primer, your moisturizer or your makeup itself, always make sure that your face is protected with a sunscreen or spf protection.


3: ALWAYS Wash Off Your Makeup At Night

If you want to have beautiful, healthy skin, then there is absolutely no excuse at all for not washing your makeup off at night. While completing your entire skin care regimen is the best way to ensure healthy, beautiful skin, even simply removing your makeup with a pre-moistened wipe is better than leaving it on all night. No matter what it takes, even if you don’t have time to cleanse, treat and hydrate, make sure that you at least get your makeup off. No matter what your skin type, leaving your makeup on overnight can lead to acne breakouts, early signs of aging and an overall dull skin appearance the next day.

We all want to look beautiful with makeup, but we all want to look beautiful without it as well. Make sure that your skin looks as healthy without makeup as with by following these simple rules about makeup and skin care.

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