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Review by Michelle from Teaching in Fashion

At the start of every summer I like to revamp my skincare routine. I find that I need to mix up products every few months so that my skin gets refreshed. Today, I am thrilled to share my new summer skincare routine with Murad Canada. Murad has just released a line that will improve your overall complexion. The White Brilliance line purifies, and restores your skin so that your brilliant complexion shines through.

The White Brilliance Cleanser is very gentle on the skin. This cleanser will not leave your skin feeling dry as it locks moisture in. As a lady in her ’30’s this is so important to me because having my skin stay hydrated takes years off- YAY!

My favourite product in this line is the White Brilliance Luminous Essence. This is a serum based product that exfoliates and hydrate the skin prepping it for the next product. This product is also very gentle so it locks in moisture leaving your skin gorgeous!

Lastly, my new night cream is the Murad Age Balancing Night Cream. Again Murad seems to know the exact formula my skin needs as this product has the perfect consistency. It’s not too heavy but it definitely provides that extra moisture your skin needs for night time.

These Murad products have really stepped up my summer skincare game and my skin could not be happier!

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First Impressions of Murad

Review by laurens-list.com

Guys!! I am officially obsessed with Murad! Not only are their ingredients bomb but they deliver amazing results too. Like, no joke, my wrinkles/fine lines seemed to disappear overnight, okay maybe not completely but they sure were plump and smoothed by morning. Although I have not finished my bottles yet I’m pretty much hooked on their products and I can’t wait to try more… Keep reading to hear my thoughts.

Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture

This cream is a dry skin saviour!! It is an uber-rich, hydrating moisturizer that locks in hydration for up to eight hours. With an ultra concentrated and non-greasy formula it provides immediate, long-lasting hydration, smoothness and comfort. It is also formulated with Murad’s Collagen Support Complex which boosts the skin’s resilience and delivers a gorgeous glow!

I’m obsessed with this cream and love the fact that it comes with an applicator so that no bacteria gets trapped in the jar. It applies white, and disappears once massaged into your skin. It truly does leave you with plump, hydrated skin without that sticky silicone feeling.

No parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances/dyes, phthalates, GMOs or Triclosans.

Murad Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence

I love this serum- it’s silky smooth texture instantly won my heart! Basically the Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence is a moisture-enhancing treatment that optimizes your skin’s capacity to retain moisture while leaving it plump and soft- I always use this before my Hydro-Dynamic Ultra Moisture and the combination is insane! It contains Mexican blue agave leaf extract to restore your skins ability to retain water, glycolic acid to gently exfoliate for a smooth natural texture and a blend of watermelon, apple and lentil to help reduce dryness, flakiness and rough patches. A definite re-purchase for me as it has become a staple in my routine.

No parabens or sulfates.

Murad Refreshing Cleanser

Their Refreshing Cleanser is a non-drying, foaming cleanser that claims to wash away surface oil and makeup. Did it work? It sure did. It’s formulated with Hawaiian white ginger, algae and cucumber extract and leaves your skin oh so fresh and clean (not sure if it has added fragrance but I’m loving the scent)! I absolutely love pairing this cleanser with my Clarisonic brush for an extra deep clean feeling!

Murad Hydrating Toner

I have been wanting to try this toner for ages! It’s gentle, hydrating formula and invigorating scent is a must. Murad’s Hydrating Toner is a classic complexion-perfecting toner, which means it rebalances and rehydrates your skin while neutralizing any surface impurities. It contains infusions of lecithin, chamomile and cucumber for a soft, rejuvenated look and feel. I also like this because it can double as a setting spray for your makeup.

Murad has quickly become my go-to for skincare. It’s been a while since I’ve been this blown away by a brand so I’m pretty excited. 🙂 I need to try all their products!

Have any of you tried Murad products, if so what are some of your favourites? I’ll definitely update you guys once I finish these.

Check them out at Murad Canada and @muradcanada (they’re also sold at Sephora Canada).

♡ Lauren

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I knew I needed to try it.

We have teamed up with interior, lifestyle and beauty influencer Diana from 204 Park to find out what she thinks of the brand new collection from Murad, White Brilliance.

“As I get older my skin concerns are definitely changing. I’ve gone from worrying only about breakouts and oily skin to also being concerned about the tone and brightness of my skin as well. Years ago I never would have thought I’d worry about ‘dull’ skin but lately, I feel like unless I’m totally on top of my skincare regime, I need a little extra oomph to get some glow back.

Review by Diana from 204 Park

When I heard that Murad had a new line out specifically targeted at skin brightening I knew I needed to try it. Plus you know it’s going to be good as it’s a huge skincare trend in Korea. I don’t know about you but any time I hear about the next biggest thing in skincare, it’s always ‘big in Korea’. They seem to know what’s up when it comes to skincare! So thankfully Murad has made getting glowing luminous skin attainable and my skin is loving it! Here’s what it’s all about…

Step One: Cleansing Cream

A rich, gentle foaming cleanser that purifies and restores skin, utilizing a nourishing blend of Omega-6 Essential Lipids and Jojoba-derived Esters to enhance moisture retention, imparting skin with a silky, smooth texture.


Step Two: Luminous Essence

A quick absorbing, lightweight formula featuring an extract of electrolyte-rich Kunai Root to deliver essential hydration deep into the skin. Red Algae and Indian Fig Extracts gently exfoliate, restoring youthful texture and luminosity and priming the skin for optimized penetration of subsequent treatment products.


Step Three: Porcelain Serum

A powerful, high-potency serum that enhances skin’s translucence, formulated with four brightening technologies that leave the skin with a luminous glow; Porcelain Flower Extract evens and illuminates skin tone, Green Tea Extract helps promote skin’s brightness and firmness, and Hexylresorcinol and Hexapeptide-2 work together to deliver a visibly radiant and translucent complexion.

Step Four: Luminous Shield SPF 50

An ultra-lightweight UV lotion that protects skin’s rosy glow utilizing antioxidant-rich Grape Seed Extract to neutralize environmental aggressors and preserve skin’s brightness while light-diffusing microspheres fill in lines and wrinkles, making them appear less visible upon application


Because I’m loving this regime so far, I want to offer you the chance to win my favourite products, the Luminous Essence and The Luminous Shield. And with summer around the corner, a little SPF 50 is definitely going to come in handy!

Good luck! XO

Want to try the New White Brilliance duo? Enter our giveaway below.
Only open to Canadian residence. Winner will be notified by email.
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Cara McLeay from A Fashion Love Affair

We have teamed up with Vancouverite, fashionista and beauty influencer Cara McLeay from A Fashion Love Affair to find out what she thinks of the brand new collection from Murad, White Brilliance.

“I am also on the hunt for the best beauty products out there – I have sensitive skin and am often traveling, so I need to be so careful when choosing products to put on my skin.

I discovered Murad’s White Brilliance collection and it is fantastic! Their Ultra-Lightweight UV Lotion has made its way into my daily beauty routine – I absolutely love the lightweight consistency (it definitely doesn’t feel like you are wearing sunscreen but it has 50 SPF which is what I definitely need for my face at all times, and especially when I am in beach destinations!) and it also helps to lessen the look of lines & wrinkles.

I like to pair the UV Lotion with the Murad Cleansing Cream that is really gentle and leaves my skin feeling super smooth as well as the Murad White Brilliance Porcelain Serum that gives me a natural glow that makes it look like I have always just returned from a tropical getaway, even when I haven’t!

You can see the rest of the Murad White Brilliance Collection here, and make sure to enter the giving away for The Cleansing cream and the Luminous Shield SPF 50 below”

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My Murad skincare regime

Murad has become a part of my skincare regime now for 2 months and I am so excited to finally share that regime with you! For year I have been so notorious for not washing my face every night and giving it the TLC it really needs, in the end it only made my dry skin suffer more.

Review by Roxanne from bonjourblissblog.com

I have to admit that less than a year ago you would find me crawling into bed after exhaustedly wiping my entire face with a baby wipe before bed and that’s it!! Terrible I know right? Must be a mom thing, I can’t be the only one who was doing this! They just work exceptionally well to remove mascara and are oh-so convenient…thank gosh I stopped though because I was only neglecting my skin by doing this and I knew better. On comes the colder weather and my dry skin was getting worse, as soon as mid fall hits there is a drastic change in the condition of my skin. When Murad reached out to me I thought, well isn’t this product just for acneic skin? NO! They have a phenomenal range of products for different skin types with fantastic reviews if you check them out here at Sephora! As I mentioned previously this week I used to do aesthetics and after studying the skin you have a greater appreciation for the dynamics of it and what products claim to do and how. After checking out their entire website I knew the exact products I wanted to try! So, I have been using about 6 of their products religiously paired with my Spin cleansing brush I talked about on Instagram. Here are the products I am using & how…


  1. Cleanse & Tone with the Age Reform Refreshing Cleanser + my Spin brush
  2. Treat with the Resurgence Age-Diffusing Serum
  3. Hydrate & Protect with the Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture


  1. Cleanse & Tone with the Age Reform Refreshing Cleanser
  2. Hydrate & Protect with the Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture
  3. Treat & Protect with the Invisiblur Perfecting Shield

Refreshing Cleanser: This is a gentle formula cleanser that hydrates my skin while removing impurities from the surface but not stripping it of its oils (so important guys!). I cleanse every night with my Spin brush and in the mornings just my hands.

Age-Diffusing Serum: This serum works wonders and I can feel it work when I use it, your skin works so hard at night while you sleep so why not help it do its job? This product helps fight age-related dehydration which has been perfect for my skin and helped to reduce the fine lines I see creeping up on me!

Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture: This moisturizer is phenomenal, I put it on very heavy at night after my serum dries and in the morning my face feels baby smooth and seems to hold its moisture better all day as well!

Invisiblur Perfecting Shield: This bad boy has replaced my usual primer, I rarely wear foundation as I am a die hard tinted moisturizer fan and lately I have been using the Invisiblur + my Smashbox Halo bronzing powder (found here) and it’s perfect!

I’ve also been using their Hydro-Dynamic Eye Moisturizer at night and their Soothing Skin & lip care during the day with the cold front upon us! My skin has been really appreciating all of these products and I look forward to seeing the results after long term use!

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Murad Environmental Shield Line Review

Review by Nee from Bebexo Beauty Blog

Come to think of it, our skin goes through a lot every single day. It’s exposed to UVA/UVB rays, pollution, and other environmental elements that can be damaging. In the long run, all of these factors can take a toll on your skin so it’s best to keep your skin protected.

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to try out some Murad products and after checking out their skincare line, I decided to go with their Environmental Shield Line. The products from this line are designed to free skin of dullness, dark spots and wrinkles while protecting skin from environmental damage. I don’t have any fine lines or wrinkles yet but my skin can sure use some brightening action. It’s also not a bad idea to protect your skin’s future with an anti-photodamage regimen. I was sent a 3-step kit and one sample size product to review.

Murad Essential-C Cleanser

The Murad Essential-C Cleanser contains antioxidant vitamins A, C and E to neutralize free radicals and other environmental aggressors while Phospholipids bind moisture to the skin. This is the first step of my morning skincare routine and I love it because the tiny beads and light burst of citrus really wake me up. It gently cleanses excess sebum and makes my skin feel fresh and ready to receive the subsequent hydration benefits of other products in my regimen.

Murad Advance Radiance Serum

After cleansing, I apply the Murad Advance Active Radiance Serum. This is an environmental aging treatment which protects and repairs skin with a new Vitamin C technology that delivers 50 times the free radical neutralizing power of prior generations. This serum is lightweight and absorbs quickly into my skin. It doesn’t leave a tacky feeling and a little bit goes a long way. I received a 15mL deluxe sample but you can get the full 30mL bottle which is available on their website. After using this for a few days, I noticed a slight improvement in tone and texture. I will continue to use this serum to see if it gets any better. So far, so good.

Murad Essential-C Day Moisture SFP 30 PA+++


The third step in my morning skin care routine is the Murad Essential-C Day Moisture SFP 30 PA+++. Regardless of what the weather is outside, I always wear sunscreen when I leave the door because UVA rays can still penetrate through clouds and glass (so if you think you’re skin is safe in the car, think again). I appreciate that this particular face lotion has SFP 30 since my previous one had only SPF 15 and I also like that it has PA+++ which is the Japanese/Korean rating system to show how much protection you are getting from UVA rays. The more + signs, the higher the protection. Like the previous products, this lotion is packed with Vitamin C and high power antioxidants. The texture is thicker than most and it leans more towards the creamy side. As a result, it doesn’t get absorbed into my skin right away, but after a couple of minutes it settles in and I can apply makeup. If you have dry skin like me, you’d definitely like this one because it keeps your skin quenched during the cold season.

Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel

Once or twice a week after cleansing, it is recommended that you use the Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel to instantly reverse environmental aging caused by sun, smog and stress. I use this chemical peel sparingly once a week since I don’t have much of it and I already love it. It instantly brightens and smoothes my skin. All you have to do is apply it on your skin for 10 minutes and rinse it off with a warm washcloth. This has a tingling sensation upon application due to the glycolic acid which accelerates the turnover rate of damaged cells to and it also contains hydroquinone which is a lightening agent that can correct skin discoloration.

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Intensive Age-Diffusing Serum Review

Review by Andrea Clare

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t take very good care of my skin. I do wear sunscreen, wash my makeup  off every night and moisturize every day. But beyond the basics, I don’t do very much.  I’ve been pretty lucky with my skin.  I haven’t really had to work TOO hard to keep it clear.

However, now that I’m getting a little older, I’ve noticed (among other things, like to inability to stay up past 9pm) that my skin has has lost its lustre and has become much more dry.  Probably doesn’t help that I forget to drink water most days. It’s no wonder I’ve had kidney stones several times.

Once that dehydration hits, the wrinkles go rampant! At least in my case.  It seems over night I had all these new wrinkles along my forehead and around my eyes.  So, it wasn’t until very recently that I started seeking out new products that would aim at hydrating and nourishing my skin.

Murad skincare review13

I had the opportunity to try out a few different products from Murad, but this serum was by far my favourite.  It’s called the Intensive Age-Diffusing Serum. It is incredibly silky.  It’s like nothing I’ve ever put on my face before. It sinks into my skin in a flash and leaves it feeling plump and young again! Without drinking a sip of water! Haha, just kidding – drink your water!

Murad skincare review4

They recommend massaging the product evenly over your face, neck and chest. I usually skip the neck and chest (simply because I’m trying to stretch my supply of serum).  I use about a pea size amount to cover my forehead because that is where I have noticed most of my fine lines. And I use a second pea size pump for the remainder of my face and blend it all in with clean hands.  I usually add my usual moisturizer over the top as well, once the serum has had a chance to sink in.

Murad skincare review11

I can’t say I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin from this product in particular, however, I love the way it feels on my skin and the glow it gives. It’s certainly one of my favourite parts of my skincare routine. It feels like pure luxury and skin heaven!

Murad skincare review12

I actually used Murad when I was a teen to combat a mild struggle with acne.  So, I was thrilled when Murad gave me the chance to try out their products for more mature skin, years after their products saved my skin in high school.

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Forever young: Murad’s Age Reform Intensives review

As a 20-year-old, I’m not super concerned about anti-aging/wrinkles just yet, but I am definitely keen to try anything that will put both of these things off. After spending a lot of time outside in the sun this summer, I became conscious of some premature signs of aging on my face when a few dreaded dark spots started to appear. To battle these dark spots early on, and attempt to try and erase the damage my many careless sunscreen-less days had caused, I turned to Murad’s Age Reform line.

Review by Victoria from Self-Explanatori

Since anti-aging is not my top priority, I opted to try three simple (and less daunting) products: the Intensive Resurfacing Peel, Rapid Collagen Infusion and Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture Cream.

I LOVE face masks and peels. Whether they’re $5.00 or $50.00, and no matter what their purpose is, they always leave your face feeling like you’re fresh out of the womb. For those of you who don’t know the difference between a face mask and peel, let me break it down for you. A peel (gently) removes the outermost layer of skin to reveal the smooth layer underneath. This process helps even out dark spots (like acne scars and sun damage), and with continued use, many peels will even fade fine lines. Masks are geared towards working on your skin as is to absorb excess oil, enhance moisture, detoxify, or provide any other type of treatment.


If you’ve read any of my past skincare product reviews, you’ll know that my favourite products make me feel like they’re actually actively doing something for my skin. I am the type of person who loves being reassured that a product’s active ingredients are working hard by an instantly-provided cooling effect on the skin, or the creation of a tingling sensation. This Murad peel does exactly that. It has a light fresh scent that disappears once applied, and it tingles for the first minute as it begins to interact with your skin.

All you have to do is gently massage and apply the peel all over your face after cleansing and toning. It has gentle microdermabrasion from bamboo beads (fancy, I know) and stimulates cell growth/turnover through glycolic and salicylic acid. I can’t comment on how well this peel would work on older and/or more damaged skin, but I instantly noticed that my face looked brighter, and felt a lot smoother after only one application. After using this peel three times over three weeks, many of my dark spots had noticeably faded. If you have any lingering acne scars, the Intensive Resurfacing Peel is a product that will definitely speed up the never-ending recovery process.

Even though the ingredients and tingling sensation I’ve talked about may make this product seem a little harsh, I assure you that even someone with sensitive skin can use it. You’re supposed to keep this peel on for a maximum of 10 minutes before washing it off with warm water, but because it’s so intense you will still feel/see results even if you can only leave it on for a few minutes.

The Rapid Collagen Infusion is meant to increase firmness after just one application, improving skin’s texture to reduce wrinkle depth. Essentially it is supposed to reveal softer and smoother skin. I used this product at night under moisturizer and found that my skin appeared less dull and tired-looking in the morning, even after some late Netflix nights. Again, I can’t attest to how well this product works on fine lines, wrinkles, or firmness, but it definitely has the ability to rejuvenate your skin.

The Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture cream is unique because even though it’s part of an age reform line, it’s truly an all purpose cream. It claims to lock in moisture for 8 hours while restoring resilience and tone and it truly does all of that. It’s fragrance free and super lightweight making it perfect for day-time and night-time use. Even though it’s lightweight, this cream is still super hydrating and it absorbs into the skin quickly. I also had no issues using it under makeup which is a huge plus for me.

Personally I find that drugstore creams are hydrating enough for my skin except for in the coldest part of Winter, so I understand the hesitation towards dropping a lot of money on a face cream. That being said, if you’re looking for a rich, lightweight daytime moisturizer, or are already using other products from this line, this is definitely a product to save up for.

If anti-aging isn’t something you are worried about yet, then this obviously isn’t the skincare line for you. But if anti-aging is something you are starting to think about or, like me, you are looking to get rid of some minor dark spots, I would definitely recommend trying out some of these products.

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The Murad Cleanse | Foam, Polish, Tone – Review

20833497790_c36d7e2514_cThere are only a few beauty lines out there which garners a cult like following that transcends all ages and Murad is one of them. In fact, long before I got serious about my skin (hello, teenage years) I’ve heard the hype about the brand with its scientific, results based approach to easy skincare. Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying out the Murad cleanse myself from foaming cleanser, to exfoliator and of course that very famous toner. Let’s talk.

Review by Gerry from The Bunnie Hole

Murad | Daily Cleansing Foam*

Size: 150ml
Would I (re)purchase: Possibly.

The Daily Cleansing Foam is a softly scented, self foaming product that looks liquid in the bottle but come out as a medium density foaming wash. My gripe with most automatic systems of this design is that the bubbles are never as nice as when I lather up myself but this one was surprisingly wonderful. With two pumps in my palm, I give myself a soothing morning cleanse that lasts as long as I want to because they bubbles themselves don’t fade away even when I’m massaging for a minute or two. Perfectly balanced, it leaves my combination skin refreshed but never dry and is a very likable option for delicate skin and it was my cleanser of choice when I had a little skin flare up with the super dry summer season (more on that later). Interestingly this does contain ingredients like lactic acid which is meant to be exfoliating but I haven’t noticed any particular results there. As a regular basic cleanser though, I definitely plan on continuing this into the winter if it lasts that long. I find even with just 2 pumps per use I am going through this bottle rather quickly!

Things to note: This isn’t a makeup remover and does poorly on that front so only use it for a 2nd step cleansing or as a morning cleanser. This is not oil-free.


Murad | Skin Smoothing Polish*

Size: 100ml
Would I (re)purchase: No.

With a soft moussey texture, the Skin Smoothing Polish uses very fine jojoba wax beads (no plastic in here) to deliver a thorough scrub. Now I’ve always said I prefer grittier products and while those are still my first choice, this jojoba based product is one of the better ones I’ve used in the category of gentle exfoliators. The beads themselves are small and rounded which means no micro-cuts (for those who are weary) plus there’s plenty of them in here to offer a satisfying experience without needing to use a ton of product just to find a few scrubbing particles. Again this has a soft rose like fragrance that lingers slightly on the skin but isn’t too cloying or overwhelming in the least. I recommend extending your normal scrub time by a minute or two as the beads are very small and to use less water to make sure the product really sticks to your skin. Now while Murad markets this to “help relieve congested pores”, I felt this functions more as a surface level exfoliator and my pores needed something extra.

Things to note: This product is not oil free. Quite expensive for a basic exfoliator.


Murad | Clarifying Toner*

Size: 180ml
Would I (re)purchase: Yes.

My favourite product in my Murad routine and the one that has given me the most visible results in the overall quality of my skin has been this cult favourite Clarifying Toner. For those just joining me in my skincare journey, my favourite pore-decloging toner has been the Clinique Clarifying Lotion with whom I’ve had a tremulous relationship for years. I find my pores clog easily and during those uninvited breakout experiences, an astringent type of toner applied sparingly helped to heal my blemishes faster and take down redness. Yet I was never a fan of the harsh scent and alcohol heavy formulation. Luckily, this Murad toner does everything my Clinique did without the alcohol plus it leaves me with a gentle (non-drying) matte finish which has been great for summer makeup. While this type of product is still not something I would use on an everyday basis in all seasons, it’s completely replacing my previous options for a breakout reducing toner when I need a little extra help. Used diligently, it does reduce the appearance of visible pores as well.

Things to note: While the alcohol is gone, why is the menthol necessary? As far as I can see, there’s no actual skin benefit to its use other than a censorial cooling effect which temporarily makes you feel like something is happening. Realistically, I’d like to see it gone. This product is not oil free.



After a triple product trial, I think my first Murad experience went better than expected. As someone who tends to be weary of cult favourites (there’s a lot of hyped up products that do nothing for me), the brand has proven itself to be a solid contender with well balanced formulations that are simple to use yet gentle on the skin. Murad prides itself on a truly scientific approach to skincare and while there’s enough variety for everyone, there isn’t too much to make you feel completely overwhelmed. I think it’s fair to mention that the Murad brand has received quite a bit of critique from the Cosmetic Cop (Paula Begoun) and I’ll leave the link to that series here but from a results based perspective, I found all three products to work well and the Clarifying Toner to be particularly excellent. There is a unifying aesthetic appeal to Murad products and while a few frivolous ingredients do slip into the mix I think it’s still a worthwhile brand to test out at some point. Start off with a basic product to see if it incorporates well into your per-existing routine before delving into their higher end treatment range which can be quite pricey. Overall, none of these three products are going to be life changing but I’m very happy to have found a new favourite breakout toner.

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Environmental Shield Skincare Review

Review by Victoria from Living Disrobed

Are you looking to reverse the signs of aging? Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and sun spots? Then Murad’s Environmental Shield line is for you! Created by Dr. Murad, a board-certified dermatologist and trained pharmacist, who has been named an “Industry Visionary” and a “Beauty Genius”. Pretty darn impressive if you ask me! As one of the worlds premier clinical skincare brands, my expectation were EXTREMELY high while going through my review process.

I was sent three product to review, a cleanser, serum and day cream. All which are a part of the environment shield line. A line that claims to “Free skin of dullness, fight dark spots and wrinkles and rediscover a younger-looking complexion while protecting skin from future environmental damage. A clinically proven, environmental aging combination protects and repairs skin with a remarkable new Vitamin C technology. Improves brightness, clarity and radiance by 60% in less than 1 week and Prevents free redical damage and maintains optimal hydration while blocking UVA/UVB rays.”


Murad Essential-C Cleanser
A blend of Mandarin Orange, Basil and Grapefruit gives this face wash a refreshing citrus smell. I absolutely love washing my face in the morning with this cleanser. It really does make me feel more awake! It was not drying at all and left my face feeling and looking clean. It removed makeup effortlessly and did not irritate my sensitive, acne prone skin.

Murad Advanced Active Radiance Serum

A super light weight serum that is meant to treat and repair. While I want the best skincare I can get, sometimes using a serum and moisturizer tends to be too moisturizing for my oily skin. However, this serum soaks into the skin leaving no trace behind so I love it!! It also proves that this serum is getting deep into your skin to provide optimal results. I definitely noticed my skin was much firmer each time I applied.
Murad Advanced Active Radiance Serum delivers 50 times the free radical neutralizing power of prior generations! Maximizes collagen production and skin brightening while providing all-day free radical protection.”


Murad Essential C Day Moisture SPF 30

A thin formula that left my skin feeling very soft and hydrated. Loaded with antioxidants and SPF 30 which is necessary for year round protection. It is non greasy and did not leave a white cast on my face as some product do when sun protection is added. My skin is definitely more radiant when using this moisturiser. It is rare for me to find a day cream with SPF that I like as most of them I find to be far too heavy and ‘sit’ on my face rather than being absorbed, but this one has none of those poor qualities, I truly love this moisturizer!

“Increased Vitamin C power and SPF in Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30 provide powerful protection against environmental damage. Next generation Vitamin C and the patented Skin Repair System improve radiance, firmness and elasticity.”


Victoria’s Verdict

I used this combination of skincare for approximately 4 weeks, and the results were phenomenal! My skin is noticeably firmer and more radiant. I do suffer from dark spots (post acne breakouts) and they were visibly reduced, and some have completely disappeared! I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a skincare line as much as this one. Each product seemed to have been crafted specifically for my skin. I highly recommend these products and will certainly be trying out other lines in the Murad collection in the near future!

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