NEW Instant Radiance Eye Cream

The Instant Radiance Eye Cream is part of our Environmental Shield collection and is ideal for those who suffer from dark circles, age spots, sun spots and hyperpigmentation. The formula is designed for use on the entire eye area, including lids and under eyes, that brightens and smoothes the area to deliver a more youthful, radiant appearance. This anti-aging minimizes the appearance of dark circles by 30% in 15 minutes and by 48% after 2 weeks.* Additionally, Instant Radiance Eye Cream improves smoothness by 48% after one application.*

Featuring Resilient-C Complex, Instant Radiance Eye Cream is formulated with light diffusers to visibly reduce the appearance of dark circles along with Retinyl Palmitate to brighten skin and Tangerine Butter to lock in moisture, smooth skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Designed for use on the brow bone, eye lid and under eye, Instant Radiance Eye Cream also serves as an effective eye primer to ensure smooth application of foundation and concealer.

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Also featuring Resilient-C Complex™, Murad’s proprietary technology that delivers multiple forms of pure Vitamin C in its most stable form directly to the skin and maximizes collagen production, Advanced Active Radiance Serum is a reformulation of its prior generation and now contains Hexapeptide-2, a skin brightening peptide along with Indian Fig which boosts skin clarity and encourages cell renewal to keep skin radiant and luminous.

*In a Murad sponsored study. Based on average percent improvement. Individual results will vary. Study results on file

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#TakeBack10 minutes of your day by multitasking while treating your eyes

The first formula to launch in this professional-strength collection, Eye Lift Firming Treatment™, is one of Dr. Murad’s most sought after anti-aging treatments and features highly efficacious concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid. This treatment infuses the delicate eye area with an exclusive, proprietary surface-filling and firming technology that instantly lifts, firms and tightens and visibly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Watch our video tutorial to learn how Eye Lift Firming Treatment works as well as how to use it.

#TakeBack10 minutes of your day by multitasking while treating your eyes to Eye Lift Firming Treatment. Share how you #TakeBack10 with the hashtag. Tell us about it @MuradCanada

Eye Lift Firming Treatment
Eye Lift Firming Treatment

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Youthful and brighter eyes

Skin care for the sensitive skin around your eyes is one of the most important parts of any skin care regimen. The skin around your eyes is not only thinner and more fragile than elsewhere on your face, it also does not produce its own moisture as the rest of your face does. For that reason, your eyes are often the first place that the signs of aging appear, including wrinkles under the eyes and crows’ feet in the corners of the eyes. Additionally, dark circles or puffiness and bags under your eyes can make you look tired or older than you are. Using the best eye creams available can ensure that your eyes look youthful and bright every day. Here are Murad Canada’s best-selling under eye creams so that your eyes can sparkle every day and night. We recommend the Hydro-Dynamic™ Ultimate Moisture for eyes or the Renewing Eye Cream.

Do you suffer from dark circles under your eyes?

If you’ve got dark circles under your eyes, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re short on sleep. Your diet, stress, genetics or environmental pollutants may be to blame. And while you can’t totally prevent dark under-eye circles, you CAN reduce the appearance of them. Dr. Murad explains your best treatment options.

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What Causes Crow’s Feet?

Crow’s Feet – the unflatter crinkles and wrinkles in the corners of your eyes. How do you get them, and how do you avoid them?

Crow’s feet are the small, radial lines and wrinkles around the corners of the eyes that resemble the shape of birds’ feet. You may also hear them referred to as “laugh lines” or “age lines.” Often, crow’s feet are one of the first signs of aging, usually appearing in the mid-20s. They start off as small, shallow wrinkles and deepen over time.

What Causes Crow’s Feet?

Treat and Prevent Crow’s Feet. The basic causes of crow’s feet are no different than the causes of any other type of wrinkle. However, there are two specific factors that contribute to the development and deepening of crow’s feet around the eyes. At the most basic level, as the production of collagen slows down with age and the hormonal changes leading up to menopause, the body no longer has the ability to “push” healthy skin back out with hydrated fullness. More specific to crow’s feet, as elastin weakens in the skin with age, the skin cannot “spring back” from a wrinkled or creased state as quickly. Since the skin around the eyes is thin and doesn’t contain oil-producing glands like the rest of the skin on the face does, wrinkles will develop more rapidly in the form of crow’s feet.

The sun and exposure to UV rays is a major factor contributing to the appearance of crow’s feet. The sun causes skin aging in many ways, primarily by inhibiting the production of collagen. And the skin around the eyes is exposed to the sun more regularly and typically with less protection than the rest of the face. Spending time in the sun also causes people to squint their eyes, which can eventually lead to crow’s feet. Even if you wear sunglasses when you’re driving or spending an extended period of time in the sun, all of those short walks to and from your car can add up over time.
Of course, repetitive motions can lead to the development of wrinkles as well, and squinting (particularly in bright light) can contribute to the severity and onset of crow’s feet. Sunglasses, hats and tinted car windows can all help to reduce the repetitive motions around your eyes that lead to Crow’s Feet. And, of course, smile instead of frown!

Preventing Crow’s Feet

While you can’t prevent crow’s feet wrinkles entirely, you can delay their development and reduce their severity. Following the principles of Inclusive Health® to keep your skin and your whole body healthy will give you younger–looking skin, and that includes the skin around your eyes.
Be sure to:

  • Stay Hydrated: Hydrated skin is healthy, youthful-looking skin. To help keep your skin hydrated from within, eat your water as described in Dr. Murad’s best–selling book The Water Secret.
  • Anti Aging Diet: Eat foods that are rich in antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants are nature’s warriors against the free radicals that cause aging skin.
  • Reduce Cultural Stress™: Stress can speed up the signs of aging. Reduce stress in your life to help minimize the signs of aging on your skin.
  • Get Enough Sleep: Sleep deprivation, often a result of Cultural Stress, can also make your skin look older.
  • Reduce Exposure to Toxins: Minimize your exposure to toxins from things like pollutants, chemicals, household products and cigarette smoke.

However, when it comes to preventing crow’s feet, the most important thing is to minimize sun exposure.


  • Wear Sunglasses or Hats: Always wear sunglasses when you’re outside during the day. Even if they don’t have UV protective lenses, sunglasses help reduce squinting. Wearing a hat will also help.
  • Use a Preventive SPF Protection Eye Cream: Keeping the skin around your eyes hydrated and protecting it from sun damage can help delay and diminish the development of crow’s feet.
  • Smile: Frowning can create the repetitive motion that causes intense crow’s feet. Be happy, be relaxed and smile.

Treating Crow’s Feet

At some point, we all develop crow’s feet. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to treat them. Most importantly, use an anti aging eye cream to rehydrate and firm the skin around the corners of your eyes. Murad offers a number of anti wrinkle eye creams that can help restore firmness and reduce the appearance of crow’s feet.

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Autour des Yeux

Une question fréquente que l’on nous demande est l’utilité ou non d’un soin spécifique pour le contour de l’œil.


Il est important de savoir que le contour des yeux est très fragile. La peau est 3 à 5 fois plus fine que sur le reste du visage. Cette zone est pauvre en glande sébacée, ce qui une entraine déshydratation plus rapide.
Le muscle autour de l’œil (orbiculaire) est en hyperactivité constante, avec près de 30 000 clignements journalier. Cette hyperaction contribue à prévenir du desséchement de la cornée, mais aussi à la formation des rides, ridules et de la pate d’oie.

Pour ces raisons très spécifiques, nos yeux ont besoin d’un petit coup de pouce.10727394_351662968328520_637966704_n

Les signes de fatigue et de l’âge se reflètent beaucoup autour de vos yeux, ne vous laisser pas trahir. La première erreur est de penser que les résultats seront immédiats. Bien sûr dès trois semaines (pour un usage quotidien), les résultats sont surprenants. Notre regard est plus lumineux, nos rides moins creusées. Mais en misant sur le long therme on peut v ;eritablement préserver son capital jeunesse, les rides seront moins profondes, le regard plus lumineux et de ce fait paraitra plus jeune.

Une utilisation jour après jour de son soin spécifique  va véritablement améliorer la qualité de votre peau, et embellir votre regard. Les ridules, se lissent petit à petit, les poches et cernes s’atténuent, votre regards se réveil.

Une texture légère mais onctueuse, apporte l’hydrations nécessaire, et le plein d’ingrédient actifs. Caféine, peptide et Vitamine C sont souvent utilisé pour des résultats optimums.

Les crèmes pour le contour de l’œil ont également une formulation ‘’non migrante’’ ce qui évite toute propagation de produits vers les yeux par capillarité.
Les formules ont également une très bonne tolérance ophtalmique, comparées aux autres soins de beauté qui ont presque toujours la mention ‘’éviter le contour des yeux’’

Un soin pour le contour des yeux est un bon allié pour maintenir et améliorer  cette zone si délicate souvent oubliée.

Crème Contour des Yeux Renouvellement : avec ces actifs anti-âge, éclaircissant, anti poche anti cerne, ce soin vous apportera tout en un !
Crème gel Anti Ride Intensif Contour des Yeux : Raffermissant, mais aussi aide à réduire l’apparence des rides et ridules.
Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Hydration Yeux: vous offre une hydratation optimale pour 8heures et convient au yeux même les plus sensibles

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