5 Skin care tips for students

Everyone knows that when you’re at school, rushing from one end of the building to the other with only 5 minutes to spare, your skin’s health is often the last thing on your mind. However, the weeks and years of abuse can take its toll on you: acne breakouts can, and do, happen to us all! The worst thing you can do is stress out even more about the downward spiral that may be happening to your face, so here are a 5 easy tips on how to manage your skin’s effectiveness as the first barrier against stress!


Everyone knows that eight glasses of water – while still a way of putting water into your body – also means eight trips to the bathroom.  When we eat more water-rich foods, we absorb water more slowly because it is trapped in the structure of these foods. That slow absorption means that water in food stays in our bodies longer, with a multitude of additional benefits. Having water-rich cells not only means you look better, but your body functions better as a result. That exam you’ve been cramming for every day this week? Eat leafy greens such as kale and spinach during that week, both of which have proven benefits to your memory retention, and you’ll be out of there in no time! By choosing foods such as fruits and vegetables, you’re not only hydrating and feeding your body, you’re also curbing the cravings for salty, fatty foods that absorb all the water your body is reserving for your cells and muscles, and make you feel bloated.

Takeaway: By eating several servings of raw fruits or vegetables each day, you will be able to stay hydrated significantly longer and your brain will thank you.



A hard thing to do while in class, is keeping your face clean from all the debris floating around. From old, musty textbooks, to the desk you’ve been “resting” your head on, every surface contains millions of bacteria life forms. The best way to protect your skin from potential outside invasion is to cleanse daily! The Murad Clarifying Cleanser kills any bacteria by using 1.5% salicylic acid, which helps clear out your pores, pushing off dead skin cells and regenerating new, healthy cells. If you have skin that tends to get oily as the day goes by, don’t forget to exfoliate three times a week. Use the Skin Smoothing Polish, as the fine micro-polishing beads deeply penetrate pores to remove impurities from the surface of your skin. The most important thing to remember is to cleanse twice a day! Your skin will thank you after a long day being exposed to the elements.

Takeaway: Wash your face at least twice a day and don’t go to bed without removing your makeup

Protect your skin and wear sunscreen everyday—even if you’re oily


As the year rolls back into school mode, we tend to see the cloudy weather as a sign to stop using sunscreen. By not protecting your face from harmful UVA/UVB rays, we are potentially putting ourselves at risk for serious skin diseases and premature ageing. UVA rays are characterized as the sun’s rays that penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin, causing damage on a cellular level, the primary cause of skin cancers. UVA rays are also used in tanning booths, so while that tan may make you look fabulous for a month or two, your skin could be very damaged underneath. Avoid these places at all costs! UVB rays are mostly responsible for the sun burn you get in the summer months. These rays are shorter, and do not penetrate very deep. However, they are the leading factor in photoageing, which is when the outside layer of your skin has been so burnt over time, that it wrinkles prematurely.


Finding a sunscreen that protects against both of these is very important, especially on your long bus ride to school every day and back. Try a moisturizer with broad spectrum, which means it protects from both types of rays, of SPF 30 or higher, such as the Age-Balancing Moisturizer. This not only helps protect from the sun’s harmful rays, it deeply hydrates your skin so it is perfect for the in-between months when the weather is cold, but the sun is still out to play. It also has anti-aging benefits, to help combat any photoageing that may have resulted from previous years of tanning sessions.

Takeaway: Use a moisturizer with sun protection every day

This has been told to us since pre-kindergarten: keep your hands off of your face. Why is this so important? You may think that your hands look perfectly clean, or maybe you touch your face unconsciously, but the truth is, our hands touch everything and gets dirty! Cleaning your hands frequently helps reduce this. The temptation gets even stronger when there is a very stubborn, painful pimple sitting smack-dab on the tip of your nose. Picking or popping this zit is not an option! By breaking open the pore, you are exposing the pimple to outside bacteria, which will make sure it never goes away, or worse, the bacteria that was trapped inside before is now free to roam the surrounding area of your nose, cheeks and face, resulting in a tribe of pimples!

The best way to get rid of a pimple is to apply a topical spot cream, like the Acne Spot Treatment. You can use this as many times a day as you like, as it will dry out the pimple, using sulfur to bring the head to the surface. Then, when you get home, exfoliate your skin just before using a cleanser, like the Time Release Acne Cleanser. The exfoliation will remove the head of the pimple in a safe, non-obtrusive way, and the salicylic acid in the cleanser will go in and finish off that pesky acne-causing bacteria. This also prevents the potential for scarring, which happens when you wound your skin while popping or picking at pimples.

Tip: Clean your phone screen regularly with an anti-bacterial wipe and change your pillow cases at least once a week.

Be prepared – Pack a spot treatment

Being on the go all the time limits how much time you can spend rejuvenating your skin. Even if you cleanse every day and night, sometimes it’s just not enough. Take five minutes out during your bathroom break to re-vamp your skin. By using the extremely handy Clarifying Wipes, you can reduce your chances of having clogged pores in just minutes. Use this at least once a day, especially after you’ve done any type of physical activity. Also, a leading cause of acne breakouts is oily skin. If you’re noticing that around lunch time every day, your skin is looking shinier and feels oilier, don’t just wipe the oil off. Use the Clarifying Wipes to soak up the excess oils followed by the Oil-Control Mattifier to prevent more oil production.


School stress fluctuates up and down throughout the year, but if you follow a set routine, your skin doesn’t have to suffer too! Remember to take time out whenever you can to just relax, either with an at-home spa day to pamper yourself or an evening watching Netflix with your family and friends! Your skin’s health is connected to your mental health, and if your mind is happy, your skin won’t have any reason to complain. Remember you are beautiful.

Blog post by Murad Beauty Advisor – Dania

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Time Release Acne Cleanser question.

Murad acne treatment products treat the source of blemishes deep beneath the surface instead of just over-drying your skin. Whether you’re combatting persistent hormonal acne or just the occasional breakout, Murad acne products combined with Inclusive Health™ practices can get you clear, glowing skin.

FAQ about the Time Release Acne Cleanser

Will the Time Release Acne Cleanser work well for cystic acne?

Yes! The Time Release Acne Cleanser is great! Extra-gentle, low foaming cleanser delivers a sustained release acne treatment while optimizing hydration to restore suppleness. Multi-active acne fighting system, featuring encapsulated Salicylic Acid technology, provides a sustained release that continues to treat acne, even after rinsing. Amino acids and Hyaluronic Acid bind moisture to skin while. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals to preserve a more youthful appearance.

Is the Time Release Acne Cleanser a scrub or cream?

The Time Release Cleanser is a gel cleanser that lathers and gently cleanses away impurities. It is not a scrub.
Time Release Cleanser

What is the different between the Murad Time Release Acne cleanser and Clarifying cleanser?

The Clarifying Cleanser is best for those with oily skin and acne. The Time Release Cleanser is appropriate for those with drier skin. So, depending on what your skin type is would determine what would work best for you.

Will the Clarifying Toner remove any of the time releasing capsules if I tone after cleansing my face with the Time Release Cleanser in the anti-aging acne line?


No, if rinsing does not remove the encapsulated Salicylic Acid, toner certainly does not remove it. It travels deeply into the pores.

More information about Time Release with encapsulated Salicylic Acid:
Multi-layered encapsulation system designed to provide a slow and extended release of Salicylic Acid alleviating the problems of skin sensitivity. This technology involves double layer encapsulation. Salicylic Acid is encapsulated in sub-micronspheres that are then encapsulated in microspheres. Upon application, the larger primary microsphere breaks and releases free Sal Acid as well as sal acid encapsulated in sub-micron spheres. The submicon spheres are integrated within the top layer of the skin (and “stick” to the skin due to their charged coating). After they stick, the SA will slowly diffuse out of the sphere. The SA will release faster if there is inflammation (Acne, redness) because there is a high level of enzyme (lipase) that can breakdown the spheres. Controlled, slow, diffusion of Salicylic Acid results in reduced skin irritation, and prolonged product effectiveness.

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Blemish Control Travel Set review by Self-Explanatori

I have heard so many good things about Murad and was unbelievably excited to receive the Blemish Control Travel Kit. All three products come in the adorable polka dot travel bag pictured above, and since I’m obsessed with brightly coloured patterns, I’m a big fan of it. The travel bag is quite durable with small pockets inside, as well as built-in makeup brush/toothbrush holders, so you’ll get a lot of use out of it even when you run out of product!

I love that Murad sells a variety of their skincare lines in travel sets. They are actually the perfect size (not too big but not painfully tiny), and all come with the super cute travel bag. They’re great because they allow you to try out a range of their products without committing to buying the full size product. This is HUGE considering how difficult it is to get a decently sized sample of most non-drugstore skincare products. Not everyone can drop $50+ just because they want to try a single product out.

Review by Victoria from Self-Explanatori

Acne’s weird because it’s sort of taboo to talk about but pretty much everyone has to deal with it at some point whether its that one problematic pimple or a never-ending cycle of breakouts. I’ve been lucky enough to have pretty clear skin my whole life but I find that when I do suffer from a breakout, it lingers for what seems like forever.

Before we start there are two important things you should know about me and skincare:

  1. I have really sensitive skin. A lot of harsher products (a typical attribute of acne products) leave me with increased redness, and some just downright give me an awful rash-like reaction.
  2. I don’t like using spot treatments because they dry out my skin for weeks, and I find a lot of acne products tend to smell like industrial cleaning solutions. I’m not saying that I need them to be glamorous, but an upgrade from the gross medicinal smell would be nice.

Anyways, if you have sensitive skin (and/or sensitive nostrils?) this might be the product line for you! The travel kit costs $40.00 CAD, and I have included all full-size product pricing below. Another thing to consider is that Murad is cruelty-free meaning they test their products on people, not on animals!

The Clarifying Cleanser contains 1.5% salicylic acid and a lot of other complexly-named ingredients. From the words I can identify, it contains a lot of natural oils which is great because unlike most acne products, this cleanser did not dry my skin out. I was a little skeptical at first when I read that 92% of users saw clearer skin in 72 hours, but I actually did see a noticeable change in my skin (especially in my T-zone) within two days, and have had no breakouts anywhere on my face since. Here’s hoping this trend continues.

It hasn’t got the loveliest scent in the world but it smells a thousand times better than any other acne product I’ve ever tried. I don’t actually find the smell of this cleanser too overwhelming either unless I’m sniffing it directly out of the packaging for long periods of time (to clarify, I did this so I could write about it…I don’t usually smell my face cleaners for fun).

All you have to do is massage a small amount onto dampened skin and rinse it off with warm water (Surprise!). It’s as easy as that. It lathers really well, has a nice cooling effect, and there’s a slight tightening sensation when I rinse it off, leaving my skin feeling squeaky clean.

The Blemish Clearing Solution contains 0.5% salicylic acid and is also meant to be applied to your entire face, neck and chest. The first thing I have to say about this product is that I love how lightweight it is. It doesn’t smell or feel like a typical acne treatment. I find that a lot of acne solutions (whether they’re gel or cream based) tend to feel like heavy, unabsorbable face masks or again, smell so much like an industrial cleaning product that I don’t want to apply them.

This solution is a blend of vitamins that soothe the skin, support healing, and stimulate cell growth while offering antioxidant protection. I can’t really speak to how this product works on its own, but in combination with the clarifying cleanser I did see a noticeable difference in how quickly the few spots I had began to disappear and heal.

I have nothing bad to say about the Oil-Control Mattifier besides the fact that it does have that sunscreen-y smell that some people can’t stand, but I personally don’t mind it in the Summer. I use this product instead of a primer, and it wears really well under both liquid and powder foundations. It also keeps my makeup from melting off in the heat.

In terms of an acne solution, this moisturizer controls oil throughout the day as promised, and didn’t cause any new breakouts (a problem I’ve had with other acne solution moisturizers).


I’m not ready to proclaim that Murad’s Blemish Control line is my go-to, heaven-sent, acne-fighting product, but for now I’m definitely sticking to it and plan to order more when I’m done with my travel set! My skin cleared up in less than a week without any signs of dryness or irritation, and it didn’t take a ten-step routine to make it happen.

Another perk? A little also goes a long way. To give you a point of reference, I had used each of these products for a week before remembering that I needed to take photos of them for this post! As you can see from the pictures, they still look pretty full.

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Blemish Control Travel Set Review

When the Murad Blemish Control Travel Set showed up at my door a few weeks ago, I literally could not wait to start testing it. I’ve only tried a few products from Murad, but I’ve loved them all. This set has a particular appeal due to it being travel friendly, especially as I always struggle with what products to bring with me on holiday.

Review by Natalie from Ivory Avenue

The set contains three products from Murad that aim to quickly eliminate breakouts and comes in a handy polka dot bag. I’m not crazy about the bag (who chose those colours?!) but there’s no denying that it’s useful.

All three products have a great track record for clearing skin, so the three together is pretty much a magic treatment. As this is a three step system, I’m going to walk through each product individually.

First, there’s the Clarifying Cleanser, which eliminates 99.9% of surface bacteria in 60 seconds. Thanks to it’s effectiveness, it helps clear blemishes and prevent new breakouts. I’ve noticed a great improvement in my skin since using it. The change was noticeable within a few days which is huge. Unlike most acne products, it doesn’t dry my skin out which is really great.

Next, there’s the Acne Clearing Solution is a blend of vitamins that soothes skin and supports healing and new cell growth while also offering antioxidant protection. It’s a great acne treatment that doesn’t smell or feel like an acne treatment: it really feels just like a moisturizer. It makes a huge difference at keeping my spots at bay. I’ve also noticed that my spots clear up a lot quicker than normal.

Finally, there’s the Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 which is a shine-reducing moisturizer that creates a matte surface on contact, while also control oil throughout the day. You can tell this is a matte product as soon as you apply it as it’s kind of hard to spread. I find it’s best to dab it down my t-zone and spread lightly. Luckily it blends right into the skin and is totally weightless. There isn’t much of it and I fine using it just on my t-zone is enough. The Oil-Control Complex helps regulate oil production throughout the day while still preserving moisture. This is made with willow bark extract which helps manage breakouts and clears the skin of impurities. It’s also made with Argan extract to reveal smoother, softer skin.

Once I realized how much I loved this trio, I stopped using it. Why? Because it’s so awesome that I want to bring it to England with me next month and I don’t want to run out!


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Ingredient Spotlight: Green Tea

green-teaBecause Green Tea consumption has been linked to better health and enhanced longevity, scientists have been searching for the source of Green Tea’s seemingly magical effects. Current thinking is that the antioxidant polyphenols present in Green Tea act as free-radical scavengers that protect cells against environmental damage and help prevent premature aging. Another class of compounds, xanthines, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties which may help reduce the severity of a wide range of diseases and conditions. By adding Green Tea extract to skincare formulas, Dr. Murad has discovered that he has been able to enhance their power to calm and soothe red, inflamed and irritated skin.

This powerful ingredient is a key ingredient in the Clarifying Cleanser. This maximum strength cleansing gel cleanser combats acne and skin breakouts. Encapsulated Salicylic Acid continually releases acne treatment for hours even after rinsing. Silver Citrate provides powerful antibacterial protection to inhibit blemish formation.

Sharon Boes, Director of Education, teaches you how to use the Acne Clarifying Cleanser and explains the benefits.

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How to Treat Your T-Zone

All of us have skin types that can be put into different categories. The right kind of acne treatment regimen means knowing whether you have oily, dry, sensitive, normal, or combination skin. Most of us have combination skin, meaning trying to find the right kind of acne treatment regimen can be a hassle. Why is that? Well, it all comes down to the T-zone, where most of the oil on the face is made, which can make treating combination skin tricky. After all, your face is the first thing people see, so it has to look good! But knowing what the T-zone is and what skin care products to use to treat it can make all the difference.


What is the T-Zone?

Underneath the skin on your face are glands that produce sebum (oil) naturally. If you draw a “T” on your face that includes your forehead, nose, upper lip, and chin, you’re highlighting areas where excess oil is made by your glands. Notice that these areas tend to get more acne than other areas on your face? That is your T-zone. People with oily and combination skin are already familiar with the excess oil and the acne it causes. That’s why it’s key to find your own unique acne treatment regimen to keep your skin looking fresh.

Acne Treatment for Your T-Zone

What makes finding the right acne treatment for the T-zone difficult is treating the areas where acne is happening. Too much and your entire face will dry out, which makes it just as easy for acne to appear as it does on oily skin. A great cleanser like Murad’s Clarifying Cleanser contains Encapsulated Salicylic Acid that treats acne even after you cleanse, as well as Green Tea Extract and Menthol that calm irritated skin. Murad Clarifying Toner eliminates excess oil and contains Witch Hazel to tighten pores without drying them out. The Acne Complex Booster Kit includes a Clarifying Mask that uses rare earth clays designed to draw out and absorb impurities from the skin so your face will look glowing and clear.


Hydrate from the Inside Out

While using an effective acne treatment plan will keep your skin looking clear and fresh, making sure you are staying healthy is also key to great skin. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water (no matter the time of year!) as well as “eating” your water with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Cut down on bad foods, as well sugary drinks like sodas and sport drinks, and your skin will see a big difference! Hydrated skin will mean less breakouts down the line.

While the T-zone is a major target for breakouts, it can still be treatable with the right kind of acne treatment plan. The right combination of hydration inside and out will show the world a fresh, clear face.
T-zone Pore Refining Serum

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