Shining Light on Sun Safety

Sun Safety


As someone who reads up on news related to skincare and skin health, you’re doubtless practicing good sun safety. It’s likely that you’re the sort of person who books an annual skin physical with her dermatologist and gives herself a monthly skin check. But one thing about sun safety that you might not know is that as an expert on sun safety, you are in an amazing position to really spread the word in your community. Any kind of recommendation has more power to influence when it comes from someone you know and respect. So how do you create an opportunity to help friends, family and neighbors to understand the need to show their skin, and the sun, a little more respect? Try one of these “did-you-know” sound bites to start a conversation.

    • No single factor does more to visibly and structurally age the skin than unprotected sun exposure.


    • Skin cancers are the most common, most preventable and, with prompt attention, some of the most easily treated cancers.


    • UVA radiation, the radiation that penetrates deepest, doesn’t peak each day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and each year from May to September the way that burning UVB radiation does. UVA radiation remains fairly constant all through the day and all through the year.


    • Just because you don’t sunburn easily doesn’t mean you can ignore the dangers of exposure to UV radiation. Skin cancers are more common in fair-skinned people, but often more deadly in people with deeper pigment. Why? Melanoma, the most lethal skin cancer, often presents itself as a dark spot that can be missed on darker skin or mistaken for hyperpigmentation.


    • Getting serious about sun protection is easy as 1, 2, 3.
      1) Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with extra antioxidants for added protection early and often;
      2) Do your best to stay out of direct sun during peak hours; and
      3) Keep a hat handy for times when you need to be outside and no shade is available.


  • You can eat your sunscreen. There are many antioxidant rich foods that have actually been shown to improve the protective performance of topic sunscreen products. Foods in this category include pomegranates, broccoli and citrus fruits.

Sunshine is a beautiful gift and an essential element of life on our planet. Let’s help those we love to understand how to treat that beautiful gift with respect so that they can enjoy long, happy lives with good health and great skin.

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