Q&A with our Beauty Advisors: Meet Dania

As Beauty Advisors, our team members use acquired knowledge, research methods and real life experiences to advise customers on how to put their best face forward. Meet Dania- articulate, driven and an all-around boisterous person, Dania is committed to finding the root of your problems and fixing them!

Describe yourself in 3 sentences:

My name is Dania and I’m 22, and I have been suffering from acne since the age of 10. I have skin as dry as the Sahara, and my easily tanned skin does nothing to cover the acne scars left over from my ignorant “picking” years. My favorite Murad products are the Oil Control Mattifier and the Skin Smoothing Polish.

What are your skin concerns?

Well, let’s see; my skin has changed so much over the last ten years that I’m not even sure where to start! I have aggravated acne, all over my chin, cheeks and upper back, my skin is dry and flakes easily and the blackheads on my nose don’t disappear, no matter how expensive my foundation is! Not to mention, if I get less than 7 hours of sleep for 1 night, I look as though I was on the receiving end of a couple of very bad black eyes. The worst part of it all? Everyone in my family looks like they’re ready to step on a runway, even before their morning coffee! My mother is truly my skinspiration, but no one believes me when I say she is close to sixty!

What products have you tried before Murad?

I truly can say I have tried all the big name acne brands and nothing gave me the results I wanted. The closest I came was when I was 16, on Proactiv, and I was on the regimen for 6 months. I finally saw pimples that seemed to be on my face for years virtually disappear! But my success came with a down side: My skin before using the products was smooth around the pimples, but the moment I started using Proactiv, my skin became so dry, and to my chagrin, it has remained that way ever since! Nothing has worked on my back acne, but I later discovered that I had a combination of problems in that area: both tinea versicolor, from my athletic tendencies, and acne vulgaris. I have been treating the tinea versicolor, but until that’s gone, my pimples remain.

Which Murad products have benefited you most?

Definitely all the Acne products! I love the Clarifying Cleanser so much, with its relatively high salicylic acid content, which helps penetrate deep in your pores to kill off that pesky P. acnes bacteria at the source. For date night, the Acne Spot Treatment is extremely handy in reducing the appearance of those few pimples that you couldn’t catch in time. Also, the Oil-Control Mattifier is always found in my purse, no matter where I’m going and the best way to combat those ridiculous blackheads is by using the Pore Reform Skin Smoothing Polish three times a week.

What is your favorite beauty tip?

Live your life so that, 10 or 20 years down the line, no one will remember your skin; rather, they’ll remember the impact you had on the lives around you. If that fails, wear something crazy! No one will look at your face then.

What is your favorite Dr. Murad insight?

True health is not the absence of disease. True health is emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being – The Cellulite Solution, by Dr. Howard Murad.

If you could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Emily Bronte, no doubt whatsoever. The first time I read “Wuthering Heights” I was speechless. When I read about the history of the Bronte sisters, especially how they wrote under male pseudonyms, due to a largely patriarchal society, I felt that I was insignificant and would never amount to anything. But the beauty of reading is that it truly transports you to a different time, and every time I read Wuthering Heights, I find myself delving deeper into a world I began to understand.

How do you embrace the Murad Inclusive Health Vision and strive to Look, Live and Feel #BetterEveryDay?

How do you LOOK BETTER?

With acne, one thing we don’t realize is that the pimples that you see on your face have been building up and growing for weeks. By treating pimples before they even surface, you don’t have to deal with those angry, red bumps that come out in the worst times. Also, I love makeup but I realized that by using comedogenic materials, my acne was exacerbated! So now I use makeup that is non-comedogenic and uses organic materials, and making sure to wash my makeup brushes daily is a must!

How do you LIVE BETTER?

I was always very athletic. I played soccer, basketball, I did karate; you name it, I did it! But as life progressed, I had less time to do those things that I enjoyed and were beneficial to me! Currently, I try to include at least 2 one hour workouts at the gym weekly, and I walk everywhere. One of the benefits of living in beautiful Vancouver is that you don’t really need a car to get around!

How do you FEEL BETTER?

Prayer. When times are tough, and you feel like no one is there to help you, I realize that there is always One who is always there for you. But my family are my rock too. My sister is the best listener I’ve ever met, and my mother gives such powerful advice, I truly don’t know what I would do without them.

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