Not all aging is the same

Age has different reasons and triggers for this process. We all know age is inevitable, but it is also important to understand what cause aging. Here some main type of causes of aging to help you to completely grasp how to address aging.

Aging a fact of life:

Aging is simply a natural aging process no matter what you do to try halt it. In your body, aging result in loss of collagen and elastin, but also reduced water content in the cells.

Environmental aging, inevitable but controllable:

It is exactly like it sounds, aging from combination of injury to your outside compromised cellular functions on your insides. Lucky this type of aging can be control to some degree. Factor such as sun exposure, pollution, smoking, poor diet, alcohol, stress contribute to this type of aging. The good news is the effect (dryness – sun damage – sagging…) of environmental aging can be minimized through both preventive action and treatment.
Healthy food, exercises, sun protection, removing your make up every night… Add all those small habits to your routine and you will see improvement on your skin, on your health, as well.

Hormonal aging:

It occurs as levels of estrogen decline (start happening long before menopause).
Glycolic acid, retinol, papaya extract or Shea butter, will be ingredients to help enhance your skin despite the hormonal aging happening.

Taking care of yourself, will make the difference. You will still take one year every 365 days, but if during 365 days, you help your body, your skin to glow and show how beautiful you are, one more year doesn’t mean much anymore.

Advices Line:


Help with Hormonal Aging, loss of elasticity, thinning skin, medium and deep wrinkles

Environmental Shield:

Help with Age, sun spots, dry, stressed out skin wrinkle, lines and creases uneven tone and texture

***source info: The Water secret by H.Murad

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