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Most of us are not worried about only one single skin issue or concern. Some of us are concerned with dark spots and pigmentation in addition to fine lines and wrinkles. Some of us will be concerned with redness, but also with very dry skin. Each and every single person is different, and so should be our skincare routine.  Dr. Murad has created different skincare lines, each developed for a specific skin concerns, so it is time to start mixing and matching your products!

We often do not realize that it is completely possible and beneficial to use on a daily or weekly basis products from different lines. Acne products, for example, are perfectly compatible with anti-aging products. If you suffer from acne but still worry about the appearance of wrinkles, you should be using skincare products from different lines in order to treat these two different skin concerns.

What we suggest to do is to first identify the two most important skin concerns you would like to treat. Focusing on these, you will now be able to choose the products that will best suit your complexion.10688204_10152436940957124_620409105925865071_o

Let’s take a look at an example!
Profile: Woman, 45 years old.
Skin concern: Oily skin and a dull complexion.
Treating her oily skin only is not a solution, so we suggest she mixes different Murad Skincare lines we have to offer.

A great routine for her to follow would be:

In the Morning:  Use the Murad Clarifying Cleanser, followed by the Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion. With these two products, she fights back against her acne and control future blemishes. She also mattifies her oily skin so that at the end of the day her skin is not shiny and she keeps her skin well hydrated.

At Night: Using the Murad Essential-C Toner and the Murad Essential-C Night Cream, she provides her skin with an extra glow for the radiant skin tone she is looking for. Vitamin C is a powerful and wonderful antioxidant that will help brighten skin for a beautiful, youthful complexion.

With this skin care routine her skin will be well regenerated. She will have no shine during all day and a glowing, healthy skin. A great combo.

This example can be applied to all kind of different skin care problems, as Murad offers a wide variety of lines. Now we leave it to you to test and mix our products in order to find the best customized skin care routine that will fit your skin.


Article by Elodie Rivet – Murad Beauty Advisor

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