Introducing Skin Smoothing Polish


Your skin is the largest organ in your body, this is why it is crucial to take great care of it, starting with you face. The skin on your face is exposed to environmental aggressors more than any other part of your body. From wind, sun and pollution to make-up, your face really takes a beating.

Now that Spring is on its way, it is the perfect time to start working on the renewal of your skin, cleaning it completely from winter dryness and revealing a fresh complexion. We are delighted to introduce our latest addition to the Murad skincare family which will help you achieve this vibrant complexion: the Skin Smoothing Polish.

 Our Skin Smoothing Polish is the perfect product for the upcoming season. This high-performance scrub will reach deep into the pores to help relieve congestion and leave skin soft, smooth and polished! Suitable for all skin types, gentle yet efficient, this facial scrub will not let you down.

Skin Smoothing Polish
See fewer blackheads and clearer, tighter pores. Deeply exfoliate to remove embedded impurities as well as balance oil production. Your skin will be soft and supple for

•   Micro-Polishing Beads deeply exfoliate to help relieve clogged pores and blackheads.
•   Witch Hazel and Cinnamon Extract visibly tighten pores and balance oil production
•   Starflower Extract leaves skin soft and supple

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