Ingredient Spotlight: Starflower Oil

Starflower is versatile Mediterranean plant found for thousands of years in the kitchen and “medicine cabinet.” Starflower seeds are a rich source of essential fatty acids—often celebrated as the miracle molecules of the heart healthy Mediterranean diet. Research has also shown that certain EFA’s, like gamma linolenic acid, can play an important role in increasing the ability of the skin to stay smooth and well hydrated. Because the seeds of the Starflower are among nature’s richest sources for gamma linolenic acid, Dr. Murad has incorporated the rare oil derived from these seeds into his formulas to enhance their ability to protect skin from the dullness, roughness and discomfort caused by dehydration.

The Age-Balancing Night Cream is an ultra-rich hydrating cream that will restore suppleness and minimizes wrinkles with essential fatty acids and Shea Butter. Wild Yam Extract and Soybean Sterols improve elasticity and help smooth skin.


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