How to stay healthy, be happy, young and slim when you live in megapolis

Living in a large metropolis can lead to many different stresses; the stress of traffic, arriving at an appointment or to work on time (or even early!), the stress of technology and the stress of family life. Dr. Murad calls this Cultural Stress™, the constant and pervasive stress through living a maxed-out, multi-tasking life.

Cultural Stress takes a dramatic toll on one’s overall health so it’s important to understand it. Address your stressors and take the following steps to combat it:

  • Surrounding yourself with people you care about
  • Quieting your mind by turning off your cell phone and television before bed
  • Participating in a physical activity
  • Smiling and laughing freely

You may not be able to eliminate the stresses of living in a large city, you can learn to manage it and deal with it. Be imperfect, be comfortable with who you
are – love yourself!

These small efforts will bring you big emotional changes, helping you destress and enjoy life.

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