How to Reduce Redness and Skin Irritation

Whether you are suffering from Rosacea or experiencing light redness and irritation, your sensitive skin requires special care as it is susceptible to irritants of all kinds. Here at Murad Canada, we know genetics are not the only ones to blame for the causes of redness and irritation. Powerful environmental factors, such as the strong cold wind we often experience, can intensify the first signs of dryness and sensitivity.

Murad Redness Therapy

Dr. Murad has developed the Redness Therapy skin care products to help his patients soothe and calm irritated skin. The discomfort of dry, tight skin is definitely not something you want to ignore as it is proven to have an impact on concentration and self-confidence.
To help you regain the soft and hydrated skin you once had, here are 3 ideal products that will deliver nutrients and moisture to you skin in order to bring back that healthy glow.

Step 1: Calm Skin SoothingGelCleanser_6.75oz_LR

Comfort and cool your skin with our Soothing Gel Cleanser. Designed to wash away irritating impurities, this cleanser will not only gently clean your skin it will also alleviate redness, tightness and discomfort.

Step 2: Boost Moisture

Being one of the best serums for sensitive skin, our Soothing Serum is like a “drink of water” for your skin. With chamomile extract and arnica, it soothes and improves suppleness of skin while helping skin attract and retain vital moisture. Say good-bye to redness and irritation!

Step 3: Strengthen and Recondition

With Azelaic Acid and Peppermint Extract, our Recovery Treatment Gel calms inflammation for all day relief. This soothing moisturizer will also accelerate healing of the skin and strengthen it so you can now focus on you daily tasks without worrying about dry, irritated skin.

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