How to Find a Facial Cleanser That’s Just Right for You

How to Find the right Face Cleanser
Before you select your cleanser, you must understand your skin type. A well-targeted skin treatment can dramatically change your skin. We’ve laid out the 4 most common skin type, their characteristics and the cleansers that will best fit you!

Acne-Prone Skin

Whether an occasional pimple or a painful, chronic condition, it’s all acne and it can occur on anyone at any age. Characterized by pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, redness, inflammation and irritation, an acne-prone skin is not curable but can be controlled and managed.

Acne-prone skin responds well to daily use of exfoliating AHA- and BHA- based products, along with anti-irritants, anti-inflammatories and antibacterials to alleviate excess skin cell buildup, keep pores clear and disinfect. Salicylic Acid is a powerful yet gentle BHA that clears skin and prevents future breakouts.

The Cleansers for you: Clarifying Cleanser (Acne), Soothing Gel Cleanser (Redness, Sensitivity).


Dry or Sensitive Skin Type

Dry or sensitive skin requires special care and handling because it is susceptible to irritants of all kinds. Characterized by tightness, fine lines, redness and irritation.

Deliver moisture and nutrient to your skin, day and night. Opt for a creamier cleanser that will sooth the skin and boost moisture. Avoid foamy cleanser, which can dry up the skin and once a week us a gentle exfoliator with AHAs to enhance the penetration of moisturizers.

The Cleansers for you: Renewing Cleansing Cream and Refreshing Cleanser (Creamier), AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser (Gentle Exfoliator)


Normal or Combination Skin Type

Normal skin is balanced and trouble-free. Combination skin is characterized by excess oil in the T-zone where occasional breakouts may appear, while cheek and eye areas are drier.
You may benefit modifying your skin care regimen according to the season or geography. In warmer months or climates, cleansers and moisturizers for oily skin work best, while in cooler conditions, the skin may need more moisture. Use mild acne treatments, clay masks and hydrating treatments such as our Skin Perfecting Lotion, the perfect oil-free hydrator.

The Cleansers for you: Daily Cleansing Foam (Oily T-zone), Essential-C Cleanser (Sun exposure).


Oily Skin Type

Oily skin feels thicker, it is characterized by an overproduction of oil (sebum) and may appear greasy, shiny, or with large pores. It requires care to prevent it from becoming a breeding ground for the acne skin disorder.

Using overly drying or harsh products and cleansers in an attempt to control shine can easily cause dehydration. This only triggers the skin to produce more oil, leading to more surface grease: making the problem worse. Opt for an antibacterial deep cleanser, exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin and use clay-based masks to help pores appear smaller.

The Cleansers for you: Clarifying Cleanser, Skin Smoothing Polish
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