How to Create the Perfect Dewy Look


Brett Freedman is a LA –based makeup artist who has work on the world’s most beautiful women. He knows the secret to a perfect red carpet makeup look and shares with us today how to master the Dewy Look.

The first tip that he uses on actresses for the red carpet, is to create what he calls a “lit from within” look. This is achieved by creating the dewy finish he teaches us today. His secret weapon? To prep the skin for that dewy, gorgeous skin. Using our newest product, the Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence, he sets the stage for makeup. The essence glides glides perfectly over the skin, leaving it treated and full of hydration.


Next, he mixes the Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture with his chosen foundation which is going to give an uber-moisturized, hydrated and dewy finish to the skin. Mixing the moisturizer and foundation helps it go on so easily!

To give skin an even fresher and more radiant look, Brett goes on to use the Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence on the cheek bones and brow bones. This is going to help catch as much light as possible for a brighter look.

A soft color on the lips, and there you have it: a dewy, luminous look!
Check out the full video to watch Brett show us how it works and learn his expert advice:


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