Halloween SkinSCARE Hacks

Get these BOO-tiful looks using our high-rated skincare products.


Glitter Lip

Learn how to add some sparkle to your smile with this playfully bold lip.

Use Rapid Collagen Infusion for Lips to set a long-lasting, uber-smooth and plump-tastic shimmery pout.​

Mermaid Scales

Make Atlantis’ best-dressed list with a colorful contour and shimmering scales.

Use Essential-C Toner to create multi-dimensional mermaid scales and give your skin a splash of hydration.


Rocker Glam

Take center stage by rocking a dramatic cat eye and daring glitter shadow.

Use Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum to keep glitter in place on the eyelids and protect your ​skin from even the wildest mosh pit.


Don’t scare your skin this Halloween!

Halloween makeup can cause irritation and breakouts. Here are some tips on what you can do to prevent these reaction.

Prepare Your Skin
Before applying all those layers of makeup and face paint, wash your face, moisturize and use a face primer to help preserve the makeup’s rich colors and provide a smooth skin surface for application.

Remove All Of It
Wash your face and don’t leave that heavy Halloween costume makeup on overnight! No matter how exhausted you are after your night out, you need to wash your face and remove all the makeup and before crawling into bed, be sure to moisturize your skin again so you wake up refreshed and replenished.

Happy Halloween.

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