Get the Look: Contour and Highlight with Rapid Collagen Infusion


Skincare is the key to great makeup application. When your skin is treated and prepped to looks its best,  makeup follows easily to make your complexion look even better. With our Rapid Collagen Infusion you’ll be able to prepare your skin to any makeup application. In fact, using it together with your favorite makeup pigment will be key for a bright complexion.

Rapid Collagen Infusion is a fast-acting treatment with great hydrating and plumping benefits. Follow these simple steps to learn how to mix up a dewy highlight that can really brighten up your complexion.

Mix it up

Mix one pump of Rapid Collagen Infusion with a sprinkle of your favorite translucent, shimmery pigment using your fingertips on the back of your hand.


Dab the mixture onto the top of 1. your cheekbones, 2. the center of your nose, 3. underneath the arch of your brows and 4. on the bow of your mouth.















Finish off with a touch of our Soothing Skin and Lip Care to sooth away dryness and relief dry and chapped lips.

whip up

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