Embracing Change



One of my favorite insights is: “The road to success runs through managing change.”

In fact, the very thought of change can be terrifying for many people. There is a comfort in the constant and familiar. We have a routine, we know a place inside and out, and we like it that way. It feels safe. But, as the saying goes, change is inevitable. The difference between those for whom change is a trigger for stress and deterioration and those for whom it is a trigger for growth is the attitude with which they react to change. It’s no surprise that those who react to change with fear don’t embrace it and that those who react with eagerness or excitement do embrace it and see it as a source of opportunity.

Here some reasons to welcome change with open arms:

Change makes us stronger

Change helps us to grow; it makes us stronger. Just like a muscle won’t get stronger without exercise, neither will our lives mature without change.

Change helps you conserve your energy

It takes exponentially more energy to resist change than to embrace it.

Change makes us flexible

Have you ever heard of people who are so rigid and resistant to change, that they miss wonderful opportunities that come their way? Flexibility helps us to embrace change.

Change makes us wiser

Each time we change things in our lives – or our lives make changes for us – we have to reevaluate situations and think through different strategies and solutions. This unknown helps us learn new skills, ways of adapting and methods of deciphering.

Change builds confidence

When do you feel the biggest boost to your confidence? Probably when you accomplish something you thought you couldn’t do. Change is a great way to face challenges head on and build confidence.

Change keeps life interesting

Change brings new experiences, which keeps life interesting and helps make it exciting to embark on each new day.

Change enhances our relationship with ourselves

There is never a time we learn more about ourselves than when we experience change. Change helps us release the behaviors that are not serving us and invites new behaviors to make us better people.

Change helps us avoid frustration

Complacency can be extremely frustrating. And the best cure for a stagnant life is change!

Change keeps us grateful

Sometimes change can be tough. And through the challenges of change we are often reminded of how many wonderful things we actually do have in our lives.

Change brings opportunity

There is nothing like starting on a new journey. It may make us feel uncomfortable at first, but it invigorates our senses and opens us up to new opportunities that can make our life better, richer and fuller.

This year I encourage you to have a transformation and embrace positive change.

Doctor Murad

 Article by Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD, a world renowned skincare expert and founder of the Inclusive Health movement. Read more about Dr. Murad.




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