Dr. Murad’s Skincare Travel Tips

Travel Skin Care Tips for Clear Skin


Warmer days are ahead of us, this means weekend getaways, longer nights spent outside and travel plans. The result? Less time to spend on our skincare routine. We tend to love the way our new tan looks and forget our skin still needs us. Anywhere you go this Spring and Summer, remember to take care of your skin. Take these skincare tips with you on your travels and enjoy clear skin on the go:

  • Don’t eat salty foods the day before your trip: this can trigger water retention in your tissues and cause puffiness.
  • Hydrate your skin: Before and during your trip, especially on a long flight, a light, oil free moisturizer is a must-have in your hand bag. Also carry a lip balm to soothe dry lips.
  • Use a facial mist: A no-mistake hydration tool. Spray on your face whenever you feel your skin needs it. Dry air in the plane cabin can take its toll on your skin.
  • Use travel-sizes: On a long trip, a wash bag with travel size essentials can save your skin. Have a bit of cleanser, antibacterial wipes, toner and a moisturizer with you wherever you go. For acne-prone skin, always keep a spot treatment handy – to stop the blemish before it becomes the focus of your vacation.
  • Choose SPF as your BFF: Your best friend on any summer getaway is the SPF lotion. Get your sunscreen and use it daily – ideally re-applying every two hours. If you intend to sunbathe, use a higher SPF – proportional with the time you intend to spend under direct sunlight.
  • Sleep: There‘s no better way of repairing stressed skin and maintaining a healthy glow. A well rested face will also look better in your vacation photos!

Now, go fully enjoy your adventure, but keep these few tips in mind.

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