8 Easy Ways to Detoxify Your Skin for Spring

Prepare your body and your skin for the season change, with these easy must-do’s:

1. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruit

Spring comes with its fresh production of greens and vegetables so take advantage of the plentiful vitamins. Learn more about the importance of eating and drinking your water for your skin with Dr. Murad’s concept: The Science of Cellular Water.

2. Eat right

Take a few days off your winter diet and get to eat more fresh produce, whole cereal and dairy products while you drink lots of water and tea. Give up meat and fatty food during this time.

3. Go outside

Spend as much time as possible outdoors, take a walk or exercise, enjoy the sun light and the fresh air. This can significantly help skin regain its natural functions. Winter meant cold weather and time spent indoors with the heaters on. In between the extreme low temperatures outside and the dry heat inside, your skin turned drier that usual and needs intensive hydration to restore the elasticity.

4. Get Vitamin D naturally

Your vitamin D, naturally produced by the skin exposed to sun, is at low levels after long and dark winters – all you need is a boost of sun light. Enjoy sun with caution and use sunscreen, especially around the eyes where skin is very sensitive. Use a higher-factor sunscreen if you have acne scars and hyper-pigmentation – sun light makes them appear darker.

5. Cleanse your face

Deep clean your pores with gentle exfoliators based on Glycolic Acid or Alpha Hydroxy Acids and don’t forget to tone. Once a week, apply nourishing or detoxifying face masks. For a DIY version, you can even use fresh fruits such as strawberries.

6. Get a new glow

Shed the dull winter skin all over your body with a good exfoliator. Revive the pink on your skin and prepare to breathe the spring air through every pore. Natural scrubs can be prepared right at home: mix some honey with sea salt, wheat or coffee and rub it on your skin. End your all over skin routine a splash of cold water to energize and tone.

7. Hydrate, protect

Spring calls for a different type of hydration – a lighter lotion, with sunscreen. Water based hydrators are always suitable for most of the skin types and shine-free in spring and summer days. Hydrate your skin day and night and eat vitamins that will promote healthy skin inside and out. For aging skin, use your regular skincare regimen and don’t forget the SPF in your day cream.

8. Take time to smell the roses

Since a healthy mind will help a body stay healthy, take time for your emotional self-care, which eventually will help you feel and look good. Spring is the perfect time for outdoor relaxation so make time for a few moments in nature, do the things that make you happy and take your mind off negative things. Your body will thank you.

Suggested skincare products for your Spring Detox:Spring Cleansers Hydrators



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