Prevent Winter Skin Damage

‘Tis the season to bundle up with a hot cocoa by the fireplace! However, our lives don’t stop just because the weather has turned increasingly cold and frightful. While you’re out there battling the elements, your skin is going through a tough time, trying to keep up. Here are some ways to make sure your skin is protected and ready for battle this winter.

Dry Skin:

Does your skin dry up throughout the day, causing you to re-apply your moisturizer? Does your skin feel tight ten minutes after cleansing? If you said yes, then you have dry skin and we have a solution.

  • The Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture locks moisture in your skin for up to 24 hours. Dr. Murad uses Advanced Hyaluronic Acid technology to enhance the skins ability to attract and retain water deep within its surface for intense, long-lasting hydration. Use this once a day, or more if desired, but you can’t go wrong with this velvety, yet lightweight luxurious moisturizer.
    Pro-tip: Use the Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence before the moisturizer, to boost the moisture to extraordinary levels.

  • Firming Peptide Body Treatment: Your body needs protecting this winter too! Although most of us tend to wear slightly more clothing during this season, sometimes it’s simply not enough for those ashy elbows, knees and whatever else. This body treatment not only helps moisturize skin, it also uses proprietary peptide blends to visibly tone and firm skin! Get ready for bikini season early this year.

Sensitive Skin:

Many people suffer from sensitive skin, and it can be a nightmare to treat. It feels like every product you put on your face burns, and your skin gets red very quickly! The winter can be the worst for people with sensitive skin, as you combine the regular skin problems with harsh climate and the rapid decrease of humidity. Dr. Murad has, as both a dermatologist and pharmacist, treated hundreds of people over the years with sensitive skin, and his approach is: less is more. Rather than applying 5 different products this winter, we’ve narrowed it down to two fantastic products to make your skin feel great.

  • The Sensitive Skin Soothing Serum is the ultimate in skin sensitive products. As a serum, it helps treat the redness, while making sure your skin feels cool and stays hydrated throughout the day. Once again. Dr. Murad highlights the importance of Hyaluronic Acid in this formula, combined with Glycolipids to help ease into winter in comfort.
  • This time of year can turn anyone into a grinch, especially those of us who are consistently losing our gloves! Your hands, though very capable at holding and pointing, turn super sensitive and red when exposed to the elements. Even if you’re indoors all day, you’re not completely safe from the dry heat being pumped through the heating ducts. That’s why the Rejuvenating AHA Hand Cream reigns supreme. The AHA stands for Glycolic Acid, which helps lightly exfoliate the dead cells on top of your skin, to reveal the soft, younger skin below. As an added bonus, the smell of this cream will transport you to a land far away, where no snow or rain dares to enter, thanks to the Lemongrass and Vetiver! Give your hands a hand this winter.

Oily Skin:

You would think, given the dry weather, that our sebaceous (oil) glands would go into hibernation for the season, but contrary to popular belief, dry weather makes the glands go into overdrive! When those oil glands get clogged with dead skin, debris and other unmentionables, you can sure bet a pimple is soon to follow. To prevent the cacophony of problems, start by preventing the oil build-up in the first place!

  • The Oil-Control Mattifer has been tried and tested and has come up victorious. Notorious for its Oil-Control Complex which effectively reduces shine and controls oil for up to 8 hours! Not only that, but the SPF of 15 is geared for all year wear, whether you’re hitting the slopes or looking for a beach getaway this winter.
    Pro Tip: For a night on the town, use this moisturizer just before your makeup process begins, and watch how it mattifies all the imperfections. You’ll be looking #FLAWLESS all night long!
  • Make way for the mistletoe! Your lips are getting ready to pucker up, but all you notice is the dry, flakiness and painful sensation of over-dried lips. Even lipstick can’t help cover up this major winter catastrophe. Never fear, Dr. Murad has, once again, come to the rescue. The Rapid Collagen Infusion for Lips will step up to the plate for you, preparing your lips for all kinds of winter fun. The enhanced collagen technology instantly plumps and restores volume, while the Shea Butter and Apple Extract hydrate and smooth the lips. Just because your lips don’t have oil glands doesn’t mean they can’t shine bright all night!

Post by Beauty Advisor – Dania

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Skin is a water gauge

The Water Principle is not about drinking four to eight or twelve glasses a day, it is about getting water into cells and keeping it there so that every one of the trillions of cells in your body functions at full capacity.

Next to oxygen, water is the most important substance you need, and almost everything we know about aging tells us that the decline in function over the years is a story of water loss. At birth, about 75 percent of our weight is water, but gradually as we age we lose the ability to hold on to water. On average, man is about 60 percent water and a 15 percent decrease in water may not seem like much, but as you’ll see, if we look at the cheek of a baby and a seventy-year-old, it makes a dramatic, visible difference.

The skin is the largest and only visible organ of the body, and it reflects the aging processes – including water loss – that occur throughout the body. The damaged, water-deprived fibers and cells, and the gel-like substance in which they are all embedded, tell me that a similar situation exists in the cells of the heart, the muscles, the liver, the walls of the blood vessels, and the joints. Each and every cell of the body is connected. Therefore, if water is lost from the epidermis, those cells will withdraw water from somewhere else. It comes from the fluid circulating around the cells, then from an adjacent cell or from the dermis beneath it, and eventually from other tissues or cells of other organs.

Water is essential to the life of every living cell. It is what keeps a cell from collapsing in on itself, so one of the purposes of the body’s natural chemistry is to insure that each cell from the brain to the heart to the organs of the abdomen are kept plump with fluid on the inside and lubricated with moisture on the outside. Water also gives volume to the blood and pliability to the tissues. You can see this in your skin.

Without an adequate water supply, the skin cells, disintegrate. Structures that support skin become stiff and lose flexibility. The skin layers become thin and flat. Blood vessel walls become fragile, porous, and leak water like old pipes. Nutrients can’t be delivered, and waste materials aren’t carried away. And the more water that’s lost, the more fragile and penetrable the barrier is. That weakening means even more water is lost, and a destructive, self-perpetuating cycle is set in motion.

You can put a stop to this water loss. You can rebuild a vital strong barrier than not only gives you a more youthful appearance but also functions at its full potential, defending itself against further water loss.

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The Science of Cellular Water
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Doctor Murad Article by Howard Murad, M.D., FAAD, a world renowned skincare expert and founder of the Inclusive Health movement. Read more about Dr. Murad.

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I knew I needed to try it.

We have teamed up with interior, lifestyle and beauty influencer Diana from 204 Park to find out what she thinks of the brand new collection from Murad, White Brilliance.

“As I get older my skin concerns are definitely changing. I’ve gone from worrying only about breakouts and oily skin to also being concerned about the tone and brightness of my skin as well. Years ago I never would have thought I’d worry about ‘dull’ skin but lately, I feel like unless I’m totally on top of my skincare regime, I need a little extra oomph to get some glow back.

Review by Diana from 204 Park

When I heard that Murad had a new line out specifically targeted at skin brightening I knew I needed to try it. Plus you know it’s going to be good as it’s a huge skincare trend in Korea. I don’t know about you but any time I hear about the next biggest thing in skincare, it’s always ‘big in Korea’. They seem to know what’s up when it comes to skincare! So thankfully Murad has made getting glowing luminous skin attainable and my skin is loving it! Here’s what it’s all about…

Step One: Cleansing Cream

A rich, gentle foaming cleanser that purifies and restores skin, utilizing a nourishing blend of Omega-6 Essential Lipids and Jojoba-derived Esters to enhance moisture retention, imparting skin with a silky, smooth texture.


Step Two: Luminous Essence

A quick absorbing, lightweight formula featuring an extract of electrolyte-rich Kunai Root to deliver essential hydration deep into the skin. Red Algae and Indian Fig Extracts gently exfoliate, restoring youthful texture and luminosity and priming the skin for optimized penetration of subsequent treatment products.


Step Three: Porcelain Serum

A powerful, high-potency serum that enhances skin’s translucence, formulated with four brightening technologies that leave the skin with a luminous glow; Porcelain Flower Extract evens and illuminates skin tone, Green Tea Extract helps promote skin’s brightness and firmness, and Hexylresorcinol and Hexapeptide-2 work together to deliver a visibly radiant and translucent complexion.

Step Four: Luminous Shield SPF 50

An ultra-lightweight UV lotion that protects skin’s rosy glow utilizing antioxidant-rich Grape Seed Extract to neutralize environmental aggressors and preserve skin’s brightness while light-diffusing microspheres fill in lines and wrinkles, making them appear less visible upon application


Because I’m loving this regime so far, I want to offer you the chance to win my favourite products, the Luminous Essence and The Luminous Shield. And with summer around the corner, a little SPF 50 is definitely going to come in handy!

Good luck! XO

Want to try the New White Brilliance duo? Enter our giveaway below.
Only open to Canadian residence. Winner will be notified by email.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Meet Elodie Rivet, Esthetician and Makeup Artist

We had the opportunity to interview Elodie, a licensed esthetician with over 7 years of experience in the beauty industry. Elodie’s passion for skin care and makeup has been proven through her experience working with top cosmetic and skin care brand. She is also a freelance makeup artist, where she applies her passion and expertise to beauty and fashion photo-shoots. We are excited to share with you her vision on and advice for beautiful, healthy skin!

What’s your favorite part about working in the beauty industry?

I really enjoy creating regimen for my customers. Listening to them and understanding their skin concerns to find answers and solutions is rewarding. I like explaining how each products will help them achieve the skin they want. That’s what really makes me happy. When a customer reaches out to me for more advice a few months later, this is when you realize that you have created a connection with this person, and that is priceless!

What’s your biggest beauty secret?

This is not a secret, but I love trying new skin care products!
I am very loyal to my night routine in terms of cleansing. I NEVER, ever skip using my Renewing Cleansing Cream on my Clarisonic brush. Nothing is can compare to that result. My skin always feels incredibly smooth and deeply clean. Any products that are going to be applied after will be absorbed deeper into the skin, for better results. Cleansing is for me the number one step that will make a big difference for a perfect healthy, glowing skin.

Who is your beauty icon and why do you admire her?

Jessica Alba is my beauty icon, stylish but never over the top. Her career as a business woman and as a mom is incredible. She is a real example for everyone.
In terms of beauty, she believes in having an easy but daily skin care routine, which is also essential to me. In terms of makeup, she always goes for a flawless but luminescent complexion with either bold lips for a pop of color or a nice sexy smoky eyes which is a classic but so modern at the same time.

What are your favorite Murad products and why?

Over the past months, my skin seemed to have changed a little. It is not as dry as it used to be. So to make sure that my makeup is staying on all day, I use the Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15. Not only does it provide a matte finish, but it also hydrates my skin. For less of a matte look but deep hydration, I choose the Skin Perfection Lotion.

If you could only have one makeup item, for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Only one? This is difficult. If I had to choose one, I would go for a concealer because I have red cheeks. If this had to be my only makeup item, I would still be able to mix it with a lip balm for a nude lip look or apply a touch of it on the eye lid for a bright, eye-opening look.

What is your favorite treatment to give clients and why?

Facials are without a doubt my favorite kind of treatment. Before each treatment, I consult with my clients in order to understand their skin concerns and their expectations. I love seeing how they relax and forget about their stressful life for a moment. A facial treatment is very beneficial for the skins overall health and wellness and it allows me to connect with clients on a deeper level, which I am all about.

Photos by: Sebastien Panouille.


Recommended products from this story:
Invisiblur Perfecting Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15
Skin Perfecting Lotion Renewing Cleansing Cream

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Skin Care for Men

Just as your body requires energy for an active lifestyle, your skin requires essential nutrients to keep its healthy appearance. It’s a fact that active skin ages faster than passive skin. If you’re spending time in the sun and you are not using a daily skin care regimen or sun care product, you’re probably stretching your skin to the limits.

It’s common knowledge that men and women differ in many ways. The way a man’s skin looks is primarily caused by differences that are hormonally conditioned. Men tend to have larger pores, as well as oilier and thicker skin than women. They are also less likely to put a lot of time into their skin care regimen. Every man owes it to himself to take care of his health and youthful appearance. But taking good care of your skin doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated. Think of these steps as your skin’s daily minimum requirement.

Refreshing WashMurad Clarifying Cleanser

This may be the most important step you can take to ensure the health of your skin. Cleansers are designed to remove excess oil, dead skin cells, and dirt. A good one to try? The Murad Clarifying Cleanser removes 99.9% of bacteria within one minute while soothing skin and reducing acne breakouts. Toners help remove traces of soap residue, surface skin cells and excess oil from your skin. They also remove dirt and perspiration from oilier skin types, and can tighten pores. Great for use as aftershave, Murad’s Clarifying Toner leaves your skin feeling cool, clean and refreshed.

Shaving Hero

Even in the best of circumstances, a daily shave can have an abrasive effect on your skin. The red bumps and skin irritations that often appear after shaving, occur because minor nicks and cuts have been exposed to bacteria on your skin and traveled down into the hair follicle. This condition, called Folliculitis, is easily countered.

Before shaving, use an antibacterial cleanser. This creates a smooth, clean canvas for shaving and prevents the typical inflammation around the hair follicle. After shaving, follow with a toner and at night, follow with an exfoliating treatment to help prevent clogged pores.
Try the Acne Complex Kit™. A great all-in-one, easy to use system.

SPF moisturizer

Every skin type needs a moisturizer. Using one daily keeps your skin soft, smooth and well hydrated healthy. For oily skins try our Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15, not only will it protect your skin from the sun, it will also reduce shine and control oil throughout the day. For an stronger SPF and moisturizer in one, try Environmental Shield™ Essential Day Moisturizer SPF 30. This complete formula provides maximum moisture during the day while repairing and protecting your skin from damage.


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Introducing Skin Smoothing Polish


Your skin is the largest organ in your body, this is why it is crucial to take great care of it, starting with you face. The skin on your face is exposed to environmental aggressors more than any other part of your body. From wind, sun and pollution to make-up, your face really takes a beating.

Now that Spring is on its way, it is the perfect time to start working on the renewal of your skin, cleaning it completely from winter dryness and revealing a fresh complexion. We are delighted to introduce our latest addition to the Murad skincare family which will help you achieve this vibrant complexion: the Skin Smoothing Polish.

 Our Skin Smoothing Polish is the perfect product for the upcoming season. This high-performance scrub will reach deep into the pores to help relieve congestion and leave skin soft, smooth and polished! Suitable for all skin types, gentle yet efficient, this facial scrub will not let you down.

Skin Smoothing Polish
See fewer blackheads and clearer, tighter pores. Deeply exfoliate to remove embedded impurities as well as balance oil production. Your skin will be soft and supple for

•   Micro-Polishing Beads deeply exfoliate to help relieve clogged pores and blackheads.
•   Witch Hazel and Cinnamon Extract visibly tighten pores and balance oil production
•   Starflower Extract leaves skin soft and supple

Purchase it here. 

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Mix & Match

Most of us are not worried about only one single skin issue or concern. Some of us are concerned with dark spots and pigmentation in addition to fine lines and wrinkles. Some of us will be concerned with redness, but also with very dry skin. Each and every single person is different, and so should be our skincare routine.  Dr. Murad has created different skincare lines, each developed for a specific skin concerns, so it is time to start mixing and matching your products!

We often do not realize that it is completely possible and beneficial to use on a daily or weekly basis products from different lines. Acne products, for example, are perfectly compatible with anti-aging products. If you suffer from acne but still worry about the appearance of wrinkles, you should be using skincare products from different lines in order to treat these two different skin concerns.

What we suggest to do is to first identify the two most important skin concerns you would like to treat. Focusing on these, you will now be able to choose the products that will best suit your complexion.10688204_10152436940957124_620409105925865071_o

Let’s take a look at an example!
Profile: Woman, 45 years old.
Skin concern: Oily skin and a dull complexion.
Treating her oily skin only is not a solution, so we suggest she mixes different Murad Skincare lines we have to offer.

A great routine for her to follow would be:

In the Morning:  Use the Murad Clarifying Cleanser, followed by the Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion. With these two products, she fights back against her acne and control future blemishes. She also mattifies her oily skin so that at the end of the day her skin is not shiny and she keeps her skin well hydrated.

At Night: Using the Murad Essential-C Toner and the Murad Essential-C Night Cream, she provides her skin with an extra glow for the radiant skin tone she is looking for. Vitamin C is a powerful and wonderful antioxidant that will help brighten skin for a beautiful, youthful complexion.

With this skin care routine her skin will be well regenerated. She will have no shine during all day and a glowing, healthy skin. A great combo.

This example can be applied to all kind of different skin care problems, as Murad offers a wide variety of lines. Now we leave it to you to test and mix our products in order to find the best customized skin care routine that will fit your skin.


Article by Elodie Rivet – Murad Beauty Advisor

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3 Golden skincare and make-up rules

No matter what skin care products you’re using, they have to work in conjunction with your makeup routine in order for you to have healthy, beautiful skin. While (most!) men are free from the worries of makeup, almost all women regardless of age have to consider the effects of makeup when crafting their best skincare regimen. However, there are three simple rules that, if followed, will mean that your makeup doesn’t have to mean that your skin looks any less healthy when the makeup comes off!

1: Pay Attention to Ingredients in Your Makeup!

Just a quick search on the internet can reveal so much about the frightening ingredients that go into makeup that you’ll never want to wear it again! However, there are plenty of quality makeup lines out there that tone down the use of harsh chemicals and increase the use of botanical and natural ingredients. Focus on those ingredients – not only are they healthier for your skin, but they are also healthier for the planet.

2: Use a Makeup Primer

No matter how well formulated a foundation is, it’s still formulated to be primarily a makeup foundation and not a skin care treatment. Make sure that you are using a moisturizer, preferably an oil-free one if you are also using acne treatment products like Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 | PA++, or a skin care primer and pore minimizer beneath your makeup. If you are battling the signs of aging, you may want to consider an anti aging serum as a primer and we recommend the new and improved Intensive Age Diffusing Serum. And of course, whether it’s in your primer, your moisturizer or your makeup itself, always make sure that your face is protected with a sunscreen or spf protection.


3: ALWAYS Wash Off Your Makeup At Night

If you want to have beautiful, healthy skin, then there is absolutely no excuse at all for not washing your makeup off at night. While completing your entire skin care regimen is the best way to ensure healthy, beautiful skin, even simply removing your makeup with a pre-moistened wipe is better than leaving it on all night. No matter what it takes, even if you don’t have time to cleanse, treat and hydrate, make sure that you at least get your makeup off. No matter what your skin type, leaving your makeup on overnight can lead to acne breakouts, early signs of aging and an overall dull skin appearance the next day.

We all want to look beautiful with makeup, but we all want to look beautiful without it as well. Make sure that your skin looks as healthy without makeup as with by following these simple rules about makeup and skin care.

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Are you getting enough Vitamin D?

Vitamin D comes from the sun and is often called the “sunshine” vitamin. If you live in Canada you don’t get enough sun exposure in the winter to produce sufficient Vitamin D and in the summer we protect our skin with sunscreen which disables the skin’s ability to produce vitamin D. Our skin’s ability to make vitamin D also decreases as we age and this is why many Canadians are low on vitamin D.

What does Vitamin D do?

It is a nutrient that helps your body absorb calcium and is essential for bone and teeth health. Vitamin D also helps your muscles, nerves and immune system work properly. We can get enough vitamin D if we eat enough Vitamin D rich foods, even if we protect our skin from the sun by using sunscreen and wearing a hat.

Vitamin D

What are Vitamin D rich foods?

  • Cow’s milk, infant formula, and margarine have added vitamin D as required by the Canadian government
  • Fortified soy and rice beverages
  • Fortified orange juice
  • Fatty fish like salmon, trout, mackerel, tuna, and eel
  • Eggs are a convenient way to get vitamin D
  • Fortified yogurts and cheese made with vitamin D-fortified milk (check the label)
  • Beef liver contains vitamin D and you will also be getting vitamin A, iron, and protein.
  • Ultraviolet lamps and bulbs are a solution for people at high risk of vitamin D
  • Vitamin D supplements can help you get your proper daily dose

Foods that are a source of vitamin D.

Food Serving Size Vitamin D (IU)
Vegetables and Fruit This food group contains very little of this nutrient
Orange juice, fortified with vitamin D 125 mL (½ cup) 50
Grain Products This food group contains very little of this nutrient.
Milk and Alternatives
Soy beverage, fortified with vitamin D 250 mL (1 cup) 123
Milk (3.3 % homo, 2%, 1%, skim, chocolate milk) 250 mL (1 cup) 103-105
Skim milk powdered 24 g (will make 250 mL of milk) 103
Soy beverage, fortified with vitamin D 250 mL (1 cup) 88
Yogurt (plain, fruit bottom), fortified with vitamin D 175 g (3/4 cup) 58-71
Meat and Alternatives
Egg, yolk, cooked 2 large 57-88
Pork, various cuts, cooked 75 g (2 ½ oz) 6-60
Deli meat (pork, beef, salami, bologna) 75 g (2 ½ oz)/ 3 slices 30-54
Beef live, cooked 75 g (2 ½ oz) 36
Fish and Seafood
Salmon, sockeye/red, canned, cooked or raw 75 g (2 ½ oz) 530-699
Salmon, humpback/pink, canned, cooked or raw 75 g (2 ½ oz) 351-497
Salmon, coho, raw or cooked 75 g (2 ½ oz) 326-421
Snapper, cooked 75 g (2 ½ oz) 392
Salmon, chinook, raw or cooked 75 g (2 ½ oz) 319-387
Whitefish, lake, cooked 75 g (2 ½ oz) 369
Mackerel, Pacific, cooked 75 g (2 ½ oz) 342
Salmon, Atlantic, raw or cooked 75 g (2 ½ oz) 181-246
Salmon, chum/keta, raw or cooked 75 g (2 ½ oz) 203-221
Mackerel, canned 75 g (2 ½ oz) 219
Herring, Atlantic, pickled 75 g (2 ½ oz) 210
Trout, cooked 75 g (2 ½ oz) 150-210
Herring, Atlantic, cooked 75 g (2 ½ oz) 161
Roe, raw 30 g (1 oz) 145
Sardines, Pacific, canned 75 g (2 ½ oz) 144
Halibut, cooked 75 g (2 ½ oz) 144
Tuna, albacore, raw or cooked 75 g (2 ½ oz) 82-105
Mackerel, Atlantic, cooked 75 g (2 ½ oz) 78
Tuna, white, canned with water 75 g (2 ½ oz) 60
Fats and Oils
Cod liver oil 5 mL (1 tsp) 427
Margarine 5 mL (1 tsp) 25
Goat’s milk, fortified with Vitamin D 250 mL (1 cup) 100
Rice, oat, almond beverage, fortified with Vitamin D 250 mL (1 cup) 88-90

Source: “Canadian Nutrient File 2010”

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3 Benefits of Using a Toner

The toner’s role is probably the most misunderstood in the entire skincare regimen. Many don’t know that this step of a beauty routine is actually very beneficial for your skin: toners prepare skin for treatments and moisturizers, boost up other products’ benefits and clean skin of residue.


“Wait, skin is not already perfectly clean after using a cleanser?”

    You test it for yourself and see! Until then here’s why you should use a toner:

  • It balances your skin’s pH
    After using cleansers, your skin’s pH balance changes to more alkaline. Applying a toner helps balance the skin’s pH to its natural 5.5 – 6 level. Having balanced pH means your skin stays healthy, fights off inflammation and it produces less oil.
  • It tightens your pores
    Almost all toners help shrink and minimize the appearance of pores. It is important to keep your pores tight for a smooth appearance and flawless makeup application. At the same time, tight pores allow your skin to be prepped for additional treatments and moisturizers.
  • Refreshes and deep cleans your skin.
    Even after using a cleanser, your skin is not completely clean. Pour a small amount of toner on a cotton ball and wipe your face. The residual dirt you see on your cotton ball is what the cleansers and the scrubbing didn’t clean up. Using a toner after washing your face is a safe, gentle way of finalizing the cleansing part of your routine.

Skin toners are ideal for quick “skin care fixes” when traveling, after sports or the gym or during a busy day.
View all the Murad toners.

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