Blemish Control Travel Set Review

When the Murad Blemish Control Travel Set showed up at my door a few weeks ago, I literally could not wait to start testing it. I’ve only tried a few products from Murad, but I’ve loved them all. This set has a particular appeal due to it being travel friendly, especially as I always struggle with what products to bring with me on holiday.

Review by Natalie from Ivory Avenue

The set contains three products from Murad that aim to quickly eliminate breakouts and comes in a handy polka dot bag. I’m not crazy about the bag (who chose those colours?!) but there’s no denying that it’s useful.

All three products have a great track record for clearing skin, so the three together is pretty much a magic treatment. As this is a three step system, I’m going to walk through each product individually.

First, there’s the Clarifying Cleanser, which eliminates 99.9% of surface bacteria in 60 seconds. Thanks to it’s effectiveness, it helps clear blemishes and prevent new breakouts. I’ve noticed a great improvement in my skin since using it. The change was noticeable within a few days which is huge. Unlike most acne products, it doesn’t dry my skin out which is really great.

Next, there’s the Acne Clearing Solution is a blend of vitamins that soothes skin and supports healing and new cell growth while also offering antioxidant protection. It’s a great acne treatment that doesn’t smell or feel like an acne treatment: it really feels just like a moisturizer. It makes a huge difference at keeping my spots at bay. I’ve also noticed that my spots clear up a lot quicker than normal.

Finally, there’s the Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 which is a shine-reducing moisturizer that creates a matte surface on contact, while also control oil throughout the day. You can tell this is a matte product as soon as you apply it as it’s kind of hard to spread. I find it’s best to dab it down my t-zone and spread lightly. Luckily it blends right into the skin and is totally weightless. There isn’t much of it and I fine using it just on my t-zone is enough. The Oil-Control Complex helps regulate oil production throughout the day while still preserving moisture. This is made with willow bark extract which helps manage breakouts and clears the skin of impurities. It’s also made with Argan extract to reveal smoother, softer skin.

Once I realized how much I loved this trio, I stopped using it. Why? Because it’s so awesome that I want to bring it to England with me next month and I don’t want to run out!


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