Blackhead and Pore Clearing Duo Review

Review by Siffat from Icing and Glitter
Review by Siffat from Icing and Glitter

Today I want to discuss something very important which we tend to overlook – skin! When I initially hit my teens, I was really careless about my skincare regiment. I’d forget to take my makeup off and never cleanse my face, which resulted in all sorts of issues, the worst being styles in my eyelids. Gross, I know. Thankfully, I was quick to learn that taking care of your face is the best thing you can do for yourself, so over the years, skincare has become hugely important for me.

I don’t have a huge blackhead problem, but when I don’t get a facial for a prolonged period of time, I do notice a few blackheads on my nose which make me want to rip my skin off (aggressive, I know). Getting back to the product – it’s a really simple two step process.

First, you apply the blackhead remover to the affected areas, let it sit for up to 10 minutes, and rinse it off with warm water. Then, you seal the pores with the Pore Refining Serum. I noticed a huge difference within two applications. The blackheads were nowhere to be seen, and my skin just felt generally soft and refreshed. I’ve also been using the Murad cleanser which is fantastic because it isn’t too harsh on my skin.

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