How to treat adult acne.

Adult acne has the same treatment needs as all breakouts do you’ll want to focus on using acne medications that treat the causes of your blemishes rather than just dry out your skin. But if you have adult acne, you also have other skin care concerns that you may not have had when you were younger. From wrinkles to dark spots to dulling, your skin needs to be treated differently as it matures. Murad adult acne products are formulated to provide a balance between care for aging skin and rapid resolution of breakouts. Combined with Inclusive Health” lifestyle choices, Murad adult acne products can give you clear, glowing skin at any age.

Patients with adult acne often ask Dr. Murad if their breakouts are just new incarnations of the acne that they struggled with as teens. To help explain the key differences between these two types of acne, and the two distinct approaches to treatment, our education team put together this helpful infographic. Pin it to your Pinterest account to save for future reference!

AAA_Adult vs. Teen Acne Infographic_FINAL

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