5 Ways to Prepare Your Skin For The Colder Days

Our skin is always vulnerable during the cold winter days: the freezing breeze, the dry weather. The fact that we are busy shouldn’t let us forget about how important it is to take care of our skin. This winter, stay protected. It all starts now, before damages can happen. With these few tips, you’ll keep your skin beautiful all winter long.


A change in weather requires a change in moisturizer! In the winter your skin needs richer and creamier products in order to stay hydrated. Slowly make the switch to oil-based but non-clogging cleansers and daily creams.


Although we all want to keep the last bit of tan we finally managed to get over the summer, your skin needs to breath and for that it should be exfoliated. Cellular build-up on the skin’s surface could result in a dull looking skin tone and cause pores to clog, ultimately leading to irritation. To effectively remove dead skin cells, exfoliate frequently.


You might be thinking: “Why should I wear sunscreen during winter? It’s not even hot out!” Most of us forget that the sun’s UV rays are still present over the winter and they remain strong. Wearing a daily moisturizer with SPF continues to be as crucial to protect your skin from environmental damages.


Lip balms and hand creams are your best friends! We suggest carrying a lip balm and a hand cream in your handbag, so that you don’t forget about these very delicate areas. Keep your hands and lips as healthy as they were during the summer days.


Although it is not as hot outside, our body still needs as much water! So don’t forget about the most essential liquid in your body and drink up. Caffeine-free teas or healthy juices can also help you maintain the same amount of water you should drink every day.

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