3 Rules for good health

Eat your water!

Raw fruits and vegetables contain structured water which releases into your system at a slower rate, allowing you to stay hydrated longer. These foods also contain vital nutrients to help your skin and your body stay healthy.

Maintain a Strong Sense of Self.

Take a deep breath and remember that the most important person in the world is YOU! I recommend a few mantras that will help center your brain, and avoid the inevitable “freak out”:

Don’t let failures spoil your successes.
If it isn’t personal, don’t take it personally.
Be imperfect; live longer.
And Even in disaster look for the good.

Choose the one that speaks to you and repeat!


I have done significant research and have found that 90% of health problems today can in part be attributed to Cultural Stress™, the constant and pervasive stress of modern day living that plays havoc on physical well-being and is turning into a societal crisis. It is more prevalent today than even 10 years ago with the advancements and constant use of smart phones, social networks such as Facebook, and working longer hours at work.

Getting deep sleep is one of the best things you can do to combat Cultural Stress. It’s during REM sleep that your body regenerates cells and produces collagen, both of which are key for maintaining youthful skin.

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