3 Benefits of Using a Toner

The toner’s role is probably the most misunderstood in the entire skincare regimen. Many don’t know that this step of a beauty routine is actually very beneficial for your skin: toners prepare skin for treatments and moisturizers, boost up other products’ benefits and clean skin of residue.


“Wait, skin is not already perfectly clean after using a cleanser?”

    You test it for yourself and see! Until then here’s why you should use a toner:

  • It balances your skin’s pH
    After using cleansers, your skin’s pH balance changes to more alkaline. Applying a toner helps balance the skin’s pH to its natural 5.5 – 6 level. Having balanced pH means your skin stays healthy, fights off inflammation and it produces less oil.
  • It tightens your pores
    Almost all toners help shrink and minimize the appearance of pores. It is important to keep your pores tight for a smooth appearance and flawless makeup application. At the same time, tight pores allow your skin to be prepped for additional treatments and moisturizers.
  • Refreshes and deep cleans your skin.
    Even after using a cleanser, your skin is not completely clean. Pour a small amount of toner on a cotton ball and wipe your face. The residual dirt you see on your cotton ball is what the cleansers and the scrubbing didn’t clean up. Using a toner after washing your face is a safe, gentle way of finalizing the cleansing part of your routine.

Skin toners are ideal for quick “skin care fixes” when traveling, after sports or the gym or during a busy day.
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